The Book: One Of Many Money-Wasting Traps To Avoid

Given all its recent layoffs, the Baltimore Sun knows a thing or two about slashing budgets. So its money-saving tip slide show rings with some authority.

One of the more controversial pieces of advice on the list is to avoid paying for books. Particularly those of Jodi Picoult:

Some books are nice to have – like your favorite one, for example. But really, buying the newest hardcover Jodi Picoult because you can not wait to get it from the library – not very smart. Open up an account with your local library or arrange a book swap with some friends.

Since the bookselling community snapped at the Sun for the tip, we can expect car wash companies (the Sun says to wash them yourself) and bars (the Sun says get drunk at home) to follow suit.

Money Wasters To Avoid [Baltimore Sun]
(Photo: sallyvillarreal)