Snuggie For Dogs Strains Human-Canine Relations Nationwide

When you wrap yourself in a Snuggie on a cold evening, does your dog stare up at you with sad, wistful eyes? Even when you’re not holding a bowl of popcorn? It’s time for you to acknowledge that your dog is jealous of your Snuggie.

Fortunately, there is now a solution to this problem. Meet the Snuggie for Dogs. Yes, there’s a video.

It’s a Snuggie. For doggies. I’m not sure what else I can say about this.

From a consumer perspective, it’s kind of unfair. Why don’t human Snuggies have Velcro on the back? How well does the fabric hold up to scratching? If your dog sits on your lap wearing a Snuggie while you’re wearing a Snuggie, does the universe collapse?

There’s just something sad about a chilly little dog, isn’t there? My dog happily wears sweaters and t-shirts, but can’t stand Velcro. She can hear it separating while she walks around, and is terrified. For other dogs who are that way, I’m going to guess that Snuggiecorp doesn’t have as liberal a return policy as my neighborhood pet store.

Without shipping, the Snuggie for Dogs is competitively priced with other dog outerwear. If, however, it’s made out of the same material as human Snuggies, our extensive tests showed that it won’t hold up well to washing, and will shed more than a Labrador retriever.

Snuggie for Dogs [Official Site]

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