Save Money by Shopping on Tax Holidays

How would you like to save 4% to 7% on many of your back-to-school purchases? Or maybe you aren’t a student but have some fall clothing shopping to do and would like those savings yourself. Or you’re been putting off that computer purchase for a few months. Well, with the tax holidays many states are offering, now may be your time to pounce and buy, buy, buy.

Smart Money points to several states that are still offering tax holidays, days where purchases of specific items have the sales taxes on them waived. Products differ by state but include everything from school supplies to sporting goods to Energy Star products. A sampling of some of the offers includes:

*Connecticut: Aug. 16-22, save 6% on clothing and footwear worth $300 or less.

*Texas: Aug. 21-23, save 6.25% on clothing, footwear and backpacks worth $100 or less.

*South Carolina: Aug. 7-9, save 6% on purchases of any price in specific categories, including clothing, footwear, school supplies, computers, software, computer accessories, bed linens, bath towels and pillows, among other items.

Unfortunately, only 16 states offer tax incentives this year. But if your state is one of them, you could get even greater savings since many retailers are “likely going to offer discounts to push prices on qualifying items below state thresholds.”

Tax Holidays Still Worth Celebrating [Smart Money]

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