Pulling The Plug On Central Air May Be Worth The Gain For the Pain

As you lounge in your house during the summer days, it’s hard not to associate that ambient air conditioner hum in the background with a paper shredder destroying your money.

Blogger Boston Gal has gone without central air for the past two years, and considering doing away with it altogether because it’s saved her more than $150 some months. It’s a bold move to sacrifice physical comfort for financial gain, but one the writer says is well worth it. Her tips for staying cool without electrical help:

High thread count sheets like these – 600 Thread-Count Sheet Set. If you look around you can find affordable sets (like the one I linked to). The tighter the weave of the sheets the cooler they feel. I also find changing your sheets more frequently really helps.

Having a pitcher of ice water and a glass handy at all times. Keeping yourself well hydrated helps beat the heat. If ice water is near at hand you will keep drinking. You can also position the ice filled pitcher between yourself and the fan to give the air a bit of a cool kick.

Of course, this advice doesn’t apply to anyone in the Sun Belt. Any savings in electric bills would be negated by funeral costs.

Thinking about banishing central air from my home [Boston Gal’s Open Wallet]
(Photo: Hesweptlime)