Who Killed The Google Voice iPhone Application?

You can download a mobile Google Voice application for Blackberry or Android, but not for the iPhone. Apple rejected Google’s official application, and has been removing other apps using Google Voice functionality from the App Store. Now, why would they do such a thing? You know the answer. AT&T told them to.

Jason Kincaid over at TechCrunch sees this as only the most recent symptom of ongoing issues with Apple’s App Store:

Back when the App Store first launched there were some warnings about its walled garden approach – could developers trust Apple to maintain a fair marketplace? Until recently, Apple has managed the store in a generally benevolent, if not somewhat incompetent manner. But now things are taking a turn for the worse. From a handicapped Sling app to blocked apps from Qik and Google Voice, it’s becoming clear that Apple is doing its best to keep many of the iPhone’s most game-changing apps away from users. Palm, if you’re looking for marketing material – take note.

Don’t forget the restrictions on Skype on the iPhone, too–the application is limited to wi-fi use, and can’t access the mobile network.

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(Photo: Randy Stewart)