Marriott Is Nice To You When Jerks Charge Food To Your Room

Reader Stephen writes in to let us know that the Marriott Residence Inn in Boulder, CO was nice to him when some random jerks charged food to his room.

Stephen says:

I recently relocated across country for a new job and have been staying at the Marriott Residence Inn in Boulder, CO for the past month. It has been a great stay and I really enjoyed the place, but upon checkout I noticed my credit card would be charged for several “billed extras” I wasn’t expecting. A $50 charge for an outside restaurant food delivery, a $3.50 for a bottle of water from the room and a $0.52 charge for a local phone call.

At the checkout I asked the front desk person about the charges, and she whipped out a receipt for the restaurant delivery charge. I said I didn’t recognize the signature or any of the handwriting. We both looked at the chicken scratch with my scrawled room number on it. Apparently someone can just charge a meal to any room they want. I also explained I never touched the bottle of water that was still in the fridge. (Those things are a trap.)

They apologized and immediately took all the charges off my bill without questioning me. And issued me a new bill with a Zero balance. It was nice not to have to defend myself like a criminal on trial and just have some caring people trust the customer for once. Kudos, Residence Inn of Boulder, you made my day.