Students, That College I.D. Is A Universal Coupon

One great thing about being in college is everyone — including businesses — expects you to be poor. Thus, your student I.D. is good for a range of discounts, ranging from movies, restaurants, museums and sundry services. Wisconsin’s WSAW 7 cobbled together a list of 10 such targets.

One of the better ideas in the post is to exploit your student status for free health services:

Need condoms? Need cough drops? Need to get tested? Most campuses offer these services completely free of charge. You can even get checked out for a doctor for far less than it would run you to go to a real one (well, if you don’t have insurance). I once had an inflamed spider bite and they gave me topical cream for free to help the inflammation. My campus even offers free counseling by licensed psychologists if you are having emotional issues.

And don’t trash the I.D. just because you graduate. I still keep my trusty, faded, circa-1998 University of Arizona CatCard handy for whenever an opportunity arises.

10 Money Saving Ways to Take Advantage of Being a Student [WSAW 7]
(Photo: Jeff Keen)

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