Delta/Northwest Employees Wear The Same Uniform, Expect You To Be Able To Tell Them Apart

Reader Matthew writes in to tell us that Delta at Minneapolis/St. Paul airport is “still in Beta.” The employees all wear the same uniform, but they still work for different airlines — sorta.

Matthew says:

I recently booked a flight on out of Minneapolis/St Paul Airport (MSP). Now, Northwest (NWA) recently merged with Delta, and the flight ended up being operated by Delta. Attempts to check in online before arriving at the airport resulted in server errors, so we thought we’d try the kiosks at MSP. Kiosk #1 showed no record of our flight. Kiosk #2 did the same, so we sought an employee wearing a Delta uniform.

The employee responded, “You’ll need a Delta employee. I serve Northwest.” He sent us to employees wearing the same uniform on the other side of the airport. At this point our time was running out, so we kindly expressed the urgency of our situation.

Employee #2, wearing the same Delta uniform, pointed us to a third employee in a Delta uniform. We were fortunate to find employee #3, who was actually a Delta employee, and was able to point us to a Delta Kiosk that connected to the Delta database, not the NWA database. The friendly dopplegangers left us with 10 minutes to spare before departure.

Delta, you are doing this wrong.


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