Access Commercial WiFi Hotspots At Airports For Free

We all know the crushing defeat of logging onto an open WiFi hotspot at an airport only to discover that you need to pay to reach the internet. No more! If the portal has a space for promotion codes, go ask the gift shop if they have a coupon for free access. If they don’t, you’re not out of options…

From WiseBread:

Minutes later in the gift shop, I saw a stack of “15 minutes Free Wi-Fi” coupons from Boingo. Boingo provides Wi-Fi at over 500 airports, 17,000 hotels (Marriotts & Hiltons, etc) and 9,000 McDonald’s.

Hmm. The clerk gave me a Boingo card and I sat down to log on for free minutes.

The promotional code did not work, but I called the tech support number and the Boingo customer rep offered me a complimentary code that would get me online while I was waiting for my flight.

That did the trick. My flight was called and I had no need for the free pass.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Airports that Charge for Internet Connections [WiseBread]
(Photo: mastermaq)

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