Should PetSmart Provide In-Home Services?

Would you hire your next dog-walker from PetSmart? RetailWire says the pet store chain is considering offering in-home services such as “dog walking, backyard clean-up and aquarium set-up,” to help differentiate it from retailers like Walmart (who offer steeply discounted fish).

The owner of an in-home pet service company says of the PetSmart idea, “”I would really question the training of the people they would hire. You can’t just hire a bunch of kids and then expect people to let them into their homes.” Because then you’d have Geek Squad pet sitters.

“PetSmart Considers In-Home Services” [RetailWire (registration required)]
“PetSmart Considers Backyard Clean-Up, Dog Walking” [Bloomberg]
(Photo: DaveCrosby)

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