Cloth Diapers Can Save You Money If You're Willing To Work For It

Parents, if you can get over the “ick” factor of reprocessing cloth diapers after your baby does sickening things to them, there’s a financial benefit in it for you. Blogger GreatDad describes how “fathers can save money with cloth diapers” over the more costly disposable variety.

Presumably, mothers can also save money with cloth diapers. In fact, in the interest of self-preservation and the yearning to never rinse out a soiled piece of cloth over the sink, I’d like to advance the notion that ONLY mothers can save on cloth diapers. Fathers should stick exclusively with bundle-and-chuck disposables, or even better, should never have to change diapers at all.

But those are the musings of a not-so-great dad. Here’s what a great one has to say:

Some have estimated that an average baby goes through approximately 5,840 diapers in their first two years, which can add up significantly in cost. By using cloth diapers, fathers can save money and use the savings for either dental checkups or clothing for their new baby.

The Real Diaper Association estimates that most diapers cost 25.5 cents each, which adds up to about $1,500 for the first two years of a child’s life. And this is only assuming that your child is potty trained by age 2.

By the way, if you can somehow pull the miracle of potty-training your tot by 2 — at that rate, your baby will be dunking on LeBron by age 5 — you’ll get jealous glares from all the other parents at the playdates.

Fathers can save money with cloth diapers []
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