Money-Saving Tips To Avoid At All Costs

Anyone can toss together a list of money-saving tips, but it takes a keen, skeptical eye to weigh money-saving advise with care and compile a list of tips so dumb they should be avoided.

The UK’s TimesOnline has come to the rescue with such a list, providing a public service in tip No. 7 by advising readers to never, ever cut their own hair. The cost of dignity, the writer rationalizes, is greater than any “quid” saved.

Tip No. 2 is to buy and re-use old calendars:

Why buy a new calendar for 2009, when a second-hand one from 1942 or 1970, for example, will do the job – with the correct days of the week for each date? To save time and cash, thanks.

What are the money-saving tips you’re most leery of, Consumerists?

The 10 dumbest money-saving tips [TimesOnline, via the daily WD]
(Photo: kowitz)

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