Financial Crises Are The New Babies — Have One To Save Your Marriage

At first glance, an awful economy would seem to be bad for marriages, since money squabbles would presumably lead to more fights. But divorce filings are down 50 percent nationally according to an Associated Press story.

Maybe straying husbands can’t afford gifts for mistresses. Or maybe the need to hunker down and face financial hell draws couples closer. The AP story, which ran in the Indianapolis Star, cites an expert with a simpler explanation:

Family law expert Drew Soshnick calls divorce a path to bankruptcy because splitting up also means splitting up debts. He also says people whose retirement savings have dwindled since last year are rethinking whether divorce is affordable.

So do any of you who “have friends” who would get divorced if they could afford it, but are just hanging on until the Dow breaks 10,000 again?

Money woes discouraging divorce [AP]
(Photo: malgaze)

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