Cut Down On Medical Costs With These Tips

One way to cut down on all your medical costs is to go exclusively to Dr. Mario, an impersonator of whom is pictured.

Of course, what that course of action saves you on medical bills you’ll end up losing on funeral costs. So it’s probably best to steer away from video game medical care professionals and just heed these tips from Panama City, Fla. ABC affiliate to ease health care bills.

My favorite of the bunch is No. 5, pill splitting:

Richard Moss, Diretor of Pharmacy Services at Bay Medical Center, says you should “have your physician write you a prescription for a tablet that’s twice as strong that you can cut in half. You can pay a little bit more to get the more concentrated tablet and stretch it out by splitting it in half.”

Oddly enough, the price of a pill is the same whether it’s 5, 10, or 20 mg.

The tough part is some doctors aren’t willing to pull one over on pharmaceutical companies due to cozy relationships. Say what you will about Dr. Mario, but he never accepts free golf trips from Pfizer.

Money Matters: Saving on Medical Care [WMBB News 13]
(Photo: blue_j)

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