Jewel-Osco Resorts To Sarcasm

We know times are tough for retailers as well as consumers, but Chicago chain Jewel-Osco seems to be resorting to sarcasm instead of discounts.

Zach says:

I was shopping at my local (Chicago, IL) Jewel-Osco this past Friday when I came upon this gem. Not being a very discerning wine drinker I was looking for something inexpensive and already chilled to bring home to my girlfriend. Imagine my surprise when I saw what “Big Relief” Jewel-Osco had in store for me! Needless to say I passed over this deeply discounted bottle of wine and settled for something more in my price range.

I’d say this price tag pretty much sums up the Jewel-Osco shopping experience as I remember it. You know, there are a lot of things I miss about home now that I live in Brooklyn, but you’ll be shocked to discover that “coming with to the Jewels” isn’t one of them.