Game Crazy Customer Gets Response From District Manager

Lu, who caught a Game Crazy cashier adding bogus fees to a purchase, has sent in a couple of updates.

I ended up just calling the 1-8SPEAK-TO-US number to voice my complaint. I specifically did not want to call the actual store (the number printed on my receipt) because there is no guarantee I would be speaking to the store manager and many times, the store manager’s behavior is what influences his subordinates.

I was put through to a customer service representative who was very polite and courteous and seemed to legitimately care about my frustrations. I explained to them that I did get a full refund for this improper transaction, but the fact that this transaction happened in the first place was why I am calling now.

She did not offer any compensation for my troubles (I was not expecting any to begin with, nor was that the reason I was calling), but she assured me that this issue would be raised to the district manager and that the cashier (or “associate” as she referred to) would be reprimanded accordingly. I also asked if I could be notified regarding what transpires afterwards, but I was told that information was confidential.

Ultimately, I hope this serves to better the conditions at my local store, but honestly, I am still a bit skeptical about the store and the chain in general.

Also: clarification on my original email. Yes, I did mean “three dollars” instead of “two.” Also in the comments there has been some confusion regarding my return. No, I was not only refunded exactly $22.99, I was refunded $22.99 + $14.99 + tax. My point was that on the return, there were only 2 items instead of 4 item from the original receipt, which is why I suspected foul play.

Furthermore, both games were marked on the sticker as $19.99 and $14.99 (or $13.49 with their membership) respectively. I do check prices before I make purchases. 🙂


Later, Lu gave us an update on Game Crazy’s response:

2nd update: I just received a call from the district manager, and we discussed my experience at the store. He was very courteous and sincere, told me that actions will be taken (nothing specified), and assured me that I will never experience such sort of behavior at my local store. He also offered me a free copy of Dead Space, the game I was trying to purchase. I politely declined the offer, but the gesture was more than appreciated. My hope is that this was an isolated incident, and that my local store will only improve from this.

3rd update (last one, I promise!): I received another call from the district manager, informing me that they reviewed the security tapes to confirm my story (in my favor). He apologized again, said that my story checked out 100%, and asked if I’d be willing to accept a gift card and try out one of their other locations. I reluctantly said yes this time, but I do plan on checking out another location.

Unfortunately the next closest one is in Seattle so I can’t just drive by when I want to, but I’ll try to make a stop if I’m ever in the city.

All in all, I am surprised at the seriousness that the higher-ups gave this. They contacted me, got my statement, reviewed security tapes, and got statements from OTHER customers from that Game Crazy just to make sure this wasn’t happening all the time. All this within 24 hours.

Impressive, I thought.

Thanks for all the help,

We’re glad things were resolved quickly. If you have any problems with Game Crazy in the future, give their 1-8SPEAK-TO-US number a try and see what happens. Hopefully they help everyone out as much as they did Lu, whether you get your story on Consumerist and Twitter or not.

“Game Crazy Cashier Caught Sneaking Gameguard Fees Onto Sale”

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