Recent Kindle Purchaser? Ask About The Rebate

Jeff wrote in to say he requested and received a $60 rebate on his new Kindle purchase from Amazon yesterday.

Received my new Kindle today, same day I heard about their price drop to $299. Obviously I wanted to see if I could get some cash back. Did their customer callback and got a call as soon as I hit OK. CSR said the shipping cutoff for a partial refund was July 8th and that they’d be crediting me $60 in 2-3 days.

We called Amazon to see whether this rebate was automatic or if you have to request it. Our CSR seemed a little confused by the question but confirmed you’d have to call in with your order number or email associated with the account to have them authorize the rebate.

“Contact Us by Phone” [Amazon]
(Photo: richardmasoner)

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