Recent Kindle Purchaser? Ask About The Rebate

Jeff wrote in to say he requested and received a $60 rebate on his new Kindle purchase from Amazon yesterday.

Received my new Kindle today, same day I heard about their price drop to $299. Obviously I wanted to see if I could get some cash back. Did their customer callback and got a call as soon as I hit OK. CSR said the shipping cutoff for a partial refund was July 8th and that they’d be crediting me $60 in 2-3 days.

We called Amazon to see whether this rebate was automatic or if you have to request it. Our CSR seemed a little confused by the question but confirmed you’d have to call in with your order number or email associated with the account to have them authorize the rebate.

“Contact Us by Phone” [Amazon]
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  1. Blueskylaw says:

    “Jeff wrote in to say he requested and received a $60 rebate”
    He did not receive it, they only said he would.

    We shall see if in 2 – 3 days they will be saying you missed the cutoff date, so sorry.
    Confused customer service reps seem to point to this conclusion.

  2. Skin Art Squared says:

    $300 bucks for that thing? LOL, not ever gonna happen. $300 bucks will buy 6 very good reference books, on real paper.

    • NeverLetMeDown says:


      I’m so glad that you’re standing up to Jeff Bezos, even as he holds that .38 to your head, trying to force you to buy one.

    • pattiesmart says:

      @BZMedia: Then don’t buy one. My friend just spent 4 months in Europe, and he uses his Kindle EVERY DAY. Oh, and he doesn’t have to lug those six huge reference books around. He can cary 100 on his Kindle.

  3. MostlyHarmless says:

    “Our CSR seemed a little confused by the question…”

    Was probably thinking: “Why the eff would we be dishing out dollars like that?”

  4. ncpeters says:

    Amazon ditched their 30 day price guarantee last year, but I’ve found multiple times that if you request a refund during that time the CSR will often give it to you. Sometimes it depends on the CSR, and you may have to call multiple times until you find a CSR who will agree to a refund. Say you still haven’t opened the item and will return it if you don’t get the refund.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I bought a Kindle on 1 July. Contacted Amazon via their online feedback a few days ago and requested a $60 refund. They responded in less than an hour and agreed. Got a confirmation email today: “We’re writing to confirm that we have processed your refund for USD 60.00 for the above-referenced order.”

    Amazon Rocks!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for contacting us about the recent price change for Kindle (Latest Generation). I’ve reviewed your order and see the price change occurred within 30 days from the time your Kindle order shipped.

    Because of the circumstances, I’ll issue a refund for the price difference in the amount of $60. You should see the refund in the next 2-3 business days.

  7. CompyPaq says:

    Amazon’s CSR’s still tend to be pretty good.

  8. skormos says:

    Just called, and you definitely have to have had it shipped between June 8th and July 8th.

    Can “Jeff” clarify when his Kindle was shipped? Not when it was received, but when the order was marked as “shipped”.

  9. lalakl says:

    I’m an Amazon CSA. To quickly answer a question that hasn’t been posed here but that I’ve heard over and over in the last week, no, we didn’t even know ahead of time that the Kindles were going to be marked down. The day before it happened we were asked to volunteer for overtime because of an “expected increase in calls.” No reason WHY that increase might be was given. It was a surprise for pretty much everyone, but that’s why we instituted the 30 day price match.

    Re Blueskylaw: He *will* be getting his refund. The CSA processed it on Amazon’s end right there. The 2-3 days is simply the credit card processing time. It’s not something that Amazon is going to be taking away at the last minute.

    We’ll give the refund to anyone whose newest generation Kindle was shipped (not bought or received, but shipped) between June 8 and July 8.

  10. sassenach says:

    Congrats and good luck. However, the failure rate for diets/weight loss is around 95%. You will find that losing weight is the easy part. Keeping it off is the real work. Come back in two years and let us know if you’re in the 5%.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I heard about this rebate last week from a relative who works for amazon. I had ordered my Kindle on June 9, found the order in “my account,” called and talked to an extremely nice rep, and had the confirmation email within a few hours. I love their callback feature–I had barely hit “send” when my phone was ringing. Every company ought to study Amazon’s customer service model.