Best tweet of the day: “my bank was just held up- with me in it. HSBC 34 and 8. also my whole trackball is GONE!!! im locked in the bank still.” [Gothamist] (Thanks to John!)


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  1. Anathema777 says:

    Wow. There is a lot of vitriol in the comments.

    So many people saying that they hate Twitter and wish this woman would DIAF/fall in an open manhole/get taken hostage.

    People need to calm down.

    • Adrienne Willis says:

      @SPENCERG: She found out after the fact that the bank was robbed. The bank had locked all the doors and would not allow anyone in or out.

      As far as her tweeting this, I find it lame. Im a little tired of the self-important have to give everyone the latest going ons in my life.

      • Adrienne Willis says:

        @Adrienne Willis: oh and the fact that she took the time to bash T-Mobile during her tweet. How about you be lucky to be alive and that the worst of the situation was you were locked in a bank after a robbery.

        • pattiesmart says:

          @SPENCERG: I haven’t read the article.
          I haven’t read the article.
          I haven’t read the article.
          I haven’t read the article.

          Maybe you should, oh, I don’t know, read the article?

    • BuddyGuyMontag says:

      @Anathema777: I actually know the woman involved in this. And to call her “self-important” is putting it lightly.

    • Murph1908 says:

      I agree. The DIAF people need to chill out.

      But the woman couldn’t figure out how to call work without a trackball???

  2. DerangedRoleModel says:

    That’s a pretty stupid place to rob a bank.

  3. SPENCERG says:

    I haven’t read the article.

    If this woman could tweet… then wouldn’t she be able to dial 911?

  4. ludwigk says:

    Shows you where her priorities lie:

    “Bank Robbers! Guns! Hostages! Ooh, my blackberry’s trackball is broken! Oh noes!”

    I wonder why she couldn’t call work without her trackball. The blackberry has like 50 keys on the front. Are none of those number keys?

    Of course, if the screen cracked on my iPhone, I probably couldn’t even manage a tweet:

    “Sliced fingers on broken glass ow blood getting onscrreermcdnttype”

  5. Morte42 says:

    With the exception of Anathema777, I hate every one of you who has posted.

    You’re stuck waiting around doing nothing for an hour while they run through all the bureaucracy that makes this country great*, you’re bored, and you have a phone that only lets you use a browser. Your friends and family know you use this bank, and are probably worried sick about you, especially since they can’t reach you by phone. What would you do in the situation. The boredom alone would have every one of you texting some jackass about it, why is twitter any different? Because you can see it on a web page? All of you post things on the internet, as you have clearly shown in this thread.

    All of you people with your self righteous holier-than-thou attitude can go fall in a manhole yourselves, so that the rest of the world can get along in a slightly more peaceful and calm manner.

    • BuddyGuyMontag says:

      @Morte42: Again, I know the woman who posted this.

      Her biggest mistake was tweeting about the bank robbery and complaining about the trackball in the same tweet.

      If she had tweeted about the robbery, and then said she was OK, and then following tweets were about the phone or trackball, we’re not having this conversation.

      Most people think bank robberies are like the ones you see on TV, with hostage taking, bombs, etc. 98 percent of them are one guy, with a note, walks in, walks out.

      I love how you say that we’re displaying “hoiler than thou” attitudes when you display one yourself. “Beaucracy that makes this country great” with an asterisk. Nice. IT WAS AN ACTIVE POLICE INVESTIGATION, not beaucracy. Of COURSE they are going to interview everyone in the bank, to 1) make sure there are no accomplices and 2) get a detailed description of the guy and what happened, video or not.

      • misterdisco says:

        @BuddyGuyMontag: I know this girl through a connection, and she’s completely vapid and self-important. Are we expected to believe that she didn’t know she could dial out from her Blackberry w/out using a trackball?

        I think this was just a sad ploy to garner more digital followers. Almost as bad as the guy on Valleywag who tweeted during a home invasion…

    • SybilDisobedience says:

      @Morte42: “I hate everyone one of you who has posted”? There’s some vitriol. We’re on a silly forum here, people, sharing opinions about one person’s inconsequential tweet.

    • H3ion says:

      @Morte42: Thank you Mother Theresa.

  6. WorldHarmony says:

    That trackball comment totally threw me. It’s like A.D.D or something. “OMG there’s a tractor trailer hurtling straight at me! Oh look, a butterfly…”

  7. bmorg003 says:

    Who was robbing the bank? Crooks in masks or the bankers? It gets a little hard to keep them straight these days…

  8. HogwartsAlum says:

    For my novel, I did a bunch of research on bank robberies. It’s the local police that are usually first responders, and the FBI has jurisdiction over bank robberies. The FBI has limited their involvement in “note job” type robberies (which most bank robberies are) because of the demands of terrorist concerns following 9/11. They typically open a case on them and then close it again.

    Either way, whether it’s the local police or the feds, you ain’t leaving until they are done with you.

    A general but fairly good article on what to do if the bank you are in is robbed:

    It’s the takeovers that scare me. I’m too chicken to go into the bank anymore. :)

    Curiously, although most bank robbers get caught, they don’t recover much of the money. They probably blow it pretty quick, but doesn’t it make you wonder how much of it gets laundered out of the country? Or wouldn’t it be nice to stumble across that? *rubs hands evilly together, contemplating stash*