Updated: Bounty Hunters Are No Longer Coming After You For Back Taxes

The IRS had been placing bounties on the heads of deadbeat taxpayers for the past few years, giving debt collection agencies a 25 percent cut of delinquent debts they rounded up. But since March, the IRS is no longer supporting the program. Thanks to Samuel for pointing out the announcement.

Examiner spotlighted the now defunct policy:

Unfortunately, according to the Center for American Progress, the structure of the IRS program encourages abuse. Under the program, collectors are awarded as much as 25 cents of every dollar they collect, in addition to a $100 bonus for every account they close. To the Center, there is no difference between these collectors and bounty hunters who hunt for fugitives.

It’s good to see the IRS no longer partakes in such shenanigans.

Consumer protection group: “Bounty Hunters” collecting back taxes troubling [Examiner]

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