Sam's Club Includes Free Giant Box With Each Pen Sold

Reader Steven bought some cheap fountain pens from Sam’s Club. Perhaps unaccustomed to such a small purchase, Sam’s Club had trouble finding the appropriate packaging.

Steven writes:

I’ve been reading the blog for quite a while now, and I personally love the Stupid Shipping Gang posts. When I was shopping Amazon a couple days ago, I decided to buy some 69 cent pens that had free UPS shipping (at the time). What I got today was amazing: a huge box with one pen in it. Almost comically, the big pieces of air-filled plastic have “be green, please recycle” on them.

Although the Amazon link goes to some generic 3rd-party retailer, Steven got this pen from Sam’s, and the packing slip indicates they really only sent one pen in the box. We appreciate the plea for Steven to recycle, and indeed, Sam’s gave him plenty to put in his blue bin.

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