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  • Smith Micro: [Software] Free Anime Studio 5 for Mac or PC (Download) Update: we’ve confirmed with Smith Micro, this is truly free and not a trial, and it doesn’t require a credit card.
  • Midtown Comics: [Books] 30% Off Back Issues of Marvel and Action Comics w/ Coupon bizarro
  • Diadora: [Sports] 50% Off Entire Sports Equipment Purchase w/ Coupon SUMMER2009
  • Amazon: [HD] Save up to 60% off DVD & Blu-ray Disc Boxed Sets

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  • All Posters: [Home Décor] 25% Off $5 or More Purchase w/ Coupon 25REDUC
  • New Egg: [Kitchen Appliance] Continental Electric 8-Cup Rice Cooker for $16.99 w/ coupon EMCLVLX36 w/ Free shipping
  • Disney Outlet: [Toys] 30% Off Tween Merchandise w/ Coupon OUTLET30

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  • [HD TV] Save $100 off: High Definition TiVo HD DVRs
  • Eastern Mountain Sports: [Outdoor Gear] Save 20% off First Item and 15% off Everything Else
  • Dell Home: [Netbook] Save 15% off Outlet Inspiron Mini 10 Netbook PCs

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  • Frederick’s of Hollywood: [Women’s Apparel] Frederick’s of Hollywood Summer Clearance: Lingerie, panties, more from $4
  • Armani Exchange: [Clothing & Accessories] Armani Exchange sale: 30% off online exclusives + free shipping
  • 1 Sale A Day: [Phones & Cell Phones] Unlocked Samsung i321N Smartphone for $90 + $5 s&h

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  • Dell Small Business: [LCD Monitor] Samsung 2333SW 23 inch Widescreen LCD Monitor $148.99 Free Shipping
  • Newegg: [Home Theater Receiver] Pioneer VSX-919AH-K 7.1ch 120W/ch AV Receiver w/ HDMI Upscaling $319.99 Free Shipping
  • Joe’s New Balance Outlet: [Apparel] Joe’s New Balance Outlet Summer Clearance Event

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  1. RRich says:

    Isn’t today Friday, when Amazon has its special, too?

  2. Brain.wav says:

    I love how the “anime studio” thing resembles South Park more than any anime I’ve ever watched.

  3. xjeyne says:

    Beware: I was intrigued by that Anime Studio download until I read the comments on it. It’s basically a free 30 day trial that requires a credit card to download, which will then probably be charged after the 30 day period.

    • Chris Walters says:

      @xjeyne: My response went to the wrong thread. See the thread immediately below. I don’t think it’s a 30 day trial and they don’t require a credit card to download.

      • xjeyne says:

        @Chris Walters:

        You’re right, I just downloaded it and it was free. I didn’t even want to try because of those two comments. Thanks for clearing it up, I’m sure this program will be fun to play with!

  4. wireddeals says:

    Beware, Anime Studio 5 is a 30 day trial of the full product. They will charge your card after 30 days unless you cancel the order within 30 days.

    • Tito151 says:

      @wireddeals: Yea, but the deal says that after the 30 days you will be charged the price of the software which is listed as $0.00. However, I still don’t think there should be a need for free software to require a credit card. Maybe you could just use of those disposable gift credit cards that has a couple bucks left on it to protect your real card.

      • Chris Walters says:

        @xjeyne: Strange, I tested the link before posting it and downloaded the Windows XP version without a problem. I registered with my name and address + contact info, but no CC was required. They provided a “receipt” with the download link and a serial number, and I installed it without a problem.

        On the first run, it asked me to register the software, and I entered the provided SN and that was that.

        There was never any mention of a 30 day trial or a credit card.

        Perhaps the commenters are talking about the V.6 software? That one is obviously not the free one, but it’s pretty clearly indicated on the special offer page.

      • Chris Walters says:

        @Tito151: See my response to xjeyne above. I successfully downloaded and installed the software without any credit card or 30-day-trial nonsense.

  5. kevjohn says:

    Ooo, another rice cooker. I shall sit back and wait for the obligatory “but can it just cook a little bit of rice, enough for one or two people?” comment.

    • KeepingTheForeName_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @kevjohn: I won’t ask because I asked it the other day, and it was answered.

    • Trai_Dep says:

      @kevjohn: If anyone out there reading this eats rice more than once a month (and you should) who (shudder) makes rice on the stove top buy a rice cooker. You’ll thank yourself profusely.

      • trujunglist says:


        I think it’s probably significantly cheaper too. You can get a huge bag of rice and that’ll last a long time. I looked on Amazon, and a half lb bag of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice appears to be about $2. Maybe you could get that at the dollar store for $1 or some kind of generic equivalent. Still, you can get a 5 lb bag of rice on Amazon for 8.25, which would equal about $.825/half lb. Consumerist no brainer, save yourself cash! The taste is so much better and probably higher in nutrient content as well.

        • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

          @trujunglist: Don’t overbuy from a sense of false economy. Like wheat flour that has weevils in it, rice gets buggy if held too long. To prevent this I keep my rices in the freezer (I always have four or five different varieties on hand), but I only have so much freezer space so I rarely buy more than a couple pounds of any one kind at a time.

        • Trai_Dep says:

          @trujunglist: They sell $1 bags?!
          The smallest I’ve ever bought is 25lbs and even that makes me feel like a bad consumer – I usually go for the 50lb one.
          @TechnoDestructo: Upon reflection, I’ve used the kind without the clamp. The magic rice gods (and some heat physics) keep a steely grip on the lid, if I do so:
          @speedwell, avatar of snark: I half-rinse since most of the coating is vitamins, I’ve heard. But definitely some rinsing is needed, so we’re apart only by degree.
          And my cooker uses an aluminum pan which doesn’t need the non-stick surface (I just let it soak for a bit and it all comes off).
          And another trick is that, no matter what amount of rice, the correct water level is always the same. For me, it’s just a couple hairs below the first joint of my index finger. So, if you find the level of water that suits your taste, and you plumb using that magic spot up your finger, then that’s a handy shortcut.

          Oh, and if you like fried rice, remember to use a tad less water: you want firmer rice for the wok beat-down you’re about to give it.

          To all of the above: YMMV, if you find something that works for you, mad props.
          Except for stovetop cooking or – yeesh – bagged, processed rice (!!)
          I like trujunglist’s point the best: to not buy rice in bulk runs counter to well-nigh everything this blog stands for! Almost as bad as hating kittens!!

    • blueneon says:


      I like my boil-in-bag rice .. I can’t imagine anything making rice tastier than that

      • TechnoDestructo says:


        You’ve never eaten anything else, have you?

        Boil-in-bag rice is always long-grain, and is somehow blandified beyond regular white rice. I don’t know how but they do it.

        Short and medium grain rice has a completely different texture. You can’t make sushi with boil-in-bag rice, for instance.

        There are dark brown rices that actually have a strong flavor…kind of like popcorn.

        Imagine harder.

      • Ratty says:

        @blueneon: You’ve only had terrible rice, then.

    • TechnoDestructo says:


      A REAL rice cooker, not this piece of crap.

      It should have a hinged lid that clips closed, and a non-stick pot. This has neither. It will cook the rice unevenly, and it will be a pain in the ass to clean the pot.

      It will be doubly bad if you’re cooking rice “for one or two people.”

      • Trai_Dep says:

        @TechnoDestructo: Good catch. I was extolling the virtues of rice cookers in general, and didn’t click the link for the one featured here.
        Black-clad, rice-sated ninjas should strike down dead company execs that try to pawn off inferior products as “rice cookers” that don’t have the features you listed.

      • speedwell (propagandist and secular snarkist) says:

        @TechnoDestructo: They work perfectly well if you do three things:

        – Wash the rice first until the water runs clear.
        – Measure the rice properly (using a 6-ounce “rice” cup instead of an 8-ounce “measuring” cup)
        – Use a bit of non-stick spray on the steel pot.

        If you fail to wash the rice first, the starch gathers in the water and makes the cooker sputter and knock the lid around and waste steam. If you don’t measure the rice and water correctly, the rice can’t cook evenly either. It’s better to have a non-stick pot, but if you don’t, a little Pam will help matters.

        I suspect you either don’t wash your rice well enough, or you are not precise enough with the rice and water proportion. What type of rice you use may be important too.

  6. trujunglist says:

    Guys, I’ll give you ***%50!!!!*** off back issues of Marvel/DC/Dark Horse/random comics. What a steal! Contact me immediately and start your own “investment” in worthless paper with terrible stories that span so many different books that you’ll never be able to figure out exactly what the hell is going on! You’ll find out a way to fill in the gaps of the story, whether you use wikipedia or just make it up as you go (that’s half the adventure, hooray for imagination), so don’t worry about that. Also, while I don’t have any new issues, you can get all your older issues for cheap and then all you’ll have to do is pay about $4 for a 30 page book, ONLY half of which is ads! Only half! That’s like 15 pages of bad splash art and drivel, all for only $4! And don’t worry, even though the second you buy the comic the actual value plummets by about 99.99%, the nostalgic value skyrockets!