Michael Moore Finds Romance In Recession In Upcoming Flick

Love him or hate him, it’s tough to deny shockumentarian Michael Moore‘s ability to spin a clever, rabble-rousing yarn that gets people talking. So it’s worth keeping a lookout for his new, recession-focused film, due Oct. 2, called Capitalism: A Love Story.

In the movie, framed as a romantic comedy parody, Moore will delve into the culture of greed and distorted economics that left economic integrity stranded at the altar. The MTV Movie Blog quotes Moore’s press release:

“It will be the perfect date movie,” he said. “It’s got it all – lust, passion, romance and 14,000 jobs being eliminated every day. It’s a forbidden love, one that dare not speak its name. Heck, let’s just say it: It’s Capitalism.”

So if this film were a romantic comedy, that would put the majority of the world’s population in the role historically filled by Ralph Bellamy, Bill Pullman and Michael Showalter, who labeled this kind of character as “The Baxter.” Because we’re the ones who got left behind for the more attractive riches, we’re the equivalent of Bellamy’s character in “His Girl Friday” and Pullman’s character in “Sleepless in Seattle.”

Moore goes on to call the Wall Street bailout “the biggest swindle in American history.” Could this be the most depressing date movie of the year?

Michael Moore Is Smitten With ‘Capitalism: A Love Story’ [MTV Movies Blog]
(Photo: phototaker)

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