Everyone keeps reporting it, so we feel like we should also mention it here: Amazon has dropped the price on its normal-sized Kindle to $299. [Consumer Reports]


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  1. ChuckECheese says:

    Yawn. A $300 Etch A Sketch that lets me read books. No thanks.

  2. ddmeightball says:

    I like the idea of the kindle, but not the price. Plus I want to be able to read manga on it as well and there are no major publishers in the US going that way

  3. captadam says:

    I used a Kindle once. Once. I prefer paper. That said, it’s a neat little toy. But not the book-killer it wants to be.

    Want to go further with e-books? Allow the files to be used on a variety of devices: the Kindle, competing devices, the iPhone, laptops, desktop computers. Unbundle them from the manufacturer and the specific device. Do that, and maybe I’ll consider going that route.

    • unutterable says:

      @captadam: Hear hear!

    • cbellamy says:

      @captadam: There’s already a free Kindle viewer for the iPhone.

    • RevancheRM says:


      As noted, the iPhone does have the app. I decided to ‘try’ Kindle via this app and have been pleased with it. It even allows you to choose from three color schemes (one including newspaper-paper, which I prefer). Synchs up with your Amazon account everytime you open it to d/l your latest puchases and I was even able to buy easily three books via Amazon’s own bookstore app while in Brazil.

      The free app just made me decide /not/ to buy the Kindle, as I can have what i want on the one device (albiet without the robo-voice to read back to me).

  4. Anonymous says:

    I bought the Kindle 2 and have to say it’s amazing. You are the target audience for this device if you travel frequently (as I do) and are an avid reader (as I am) and have run out of bookshelf space (guilty) and realized that the next time you move cross country you won’t need to pay people to haul those hundreds of books you’ll never read again.

    You’re not the target audience for Kindle if you are cheap, a casual reader, or a techno geek.

    It looks and reads like a book. No bells and whistles, no applications for games – no back light. It’s a book. A beautiful, simple, portable, downloadable book.

  5. I Love New Jersey says:

    You can buy a couple hundred real books for that sort of money.

    • pecan 3.14159265 says:

      @I Love New Jersey: Good luck carrying around those books though. For a voracious and fast reader, a kindle allows for more mobility and storage. It makes a big difference when you’re traveling and need all the space you can get and know you can get through several books in one trip.

      That said, $300 and tax is a lot for most readers. You really have to need the mobility to justify it. I stash two books in my bag and keep a bunch in the office. I get how it might get annoying to move them back home when I finish all of them.

  6. UnnamedUser says:

    “Digital Restrictions Management” (DRM) contaminated crap.

    No thanks.