Warning: No LoveSac Warranty On Sacs Sold Through Overstock

LoveSac is a furniture company. They’re known for a product that I’m sure I will be scolded for calling “giant beanbag chairs that cost hundreds of dollars.” Hypoallergenic, couch-sized, decorator-colored, high end beanbag chairs. Reader Victor wanted a Love Sac, and ordered one for less than retail price from Overstock.com. Then he learned that this was perhaps not a wise choice when ordering a high-end item with an excellent warranty. He writes:

Someone on one of the deal boards was talking about the great deal Overstock has on the LoveSac products. It IS a great product at a great price, but we learned the hard way that you don’t get almost 50% off the LoveSac retail price without some pain. About half a year ago, we got The Big One with the
cover from Overstock.com for slightly less than half of the LoveSac official website’s $806.

Within a few months we had a problem that required warranty service, which was no problem because LoveSac’s website talks about their great 3 year warranty. Unfortunately, when we called LoveSac (the manufacturer) we learned that ANY LoveSac bought from Overstock.com is not covered by Lovesac. /snip/ Anyway, we called Overstock.com and they said we should have bought their “protection plan”. Problem is, nowhere on the product page does it TELL you that you have no warranty at all unless you buy Overstock’s plan, so we didn’t. In the end Overstock couldn’t deny the logic of this and took care of us, but the whole ordeal was a real hassle, and I imagine not everyone will be so lucky.

It’s a great product at a great price, but caveat emptor.

Voided warranties? Has Victor stumbled into a world of comfy, warranty-less intrigue? All we know is that you shouldn’t buy a LoveSac from Overstock and expect warranty service.

LoveSac [Official Site]
LoveSac 8-foot Foam BigOne Epresso Lounge Bag/ Chair

(Photo: jvidrine)

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