More than one million play yards made by Kolcraft and sold under a variety of names have been recalled. Brands include Kolcraft, Carter’s, Sesame Street, Jeep, Contours, Care Bears and Eric Carle. There’s a problem with the side rail, and children can fall out. Check to see if yours is affected at the CPSC.


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  1. dbshaw says:

    Maybe there is just something wrong with the children? Recall the kids. Maybe they all list to the side or something.

  2. U-235 says:

    I always wonder when this happens “are the engineers at these companies too stupid to design a five sided box?” I guess the answer is yes.

    • cerbie says:

      @U-235: I wonder that, too. It’s not like child-safe designs for these things are new. Then again, maybe the engineers smart enough to do that are working elsewhere…

    • dohtem says:

      @U-235: The engineers could have designed a quality product but when the contract is awarded to some factory in China to manufacture en masse…

  3. hammitz says:

    Is ‘play yard’ a new word for ‘play pen’, or is this a regional phrase?