No, You Can't Get Rich Quick Via Twitter

The Better Business Bureau warns job-hunters and other money-seekers that no, you can’t earn massive amounts of money through secretive Twitter tricks.

Not only are the profits they promise not, strictly speaking, possible, but the fine print of the deal leads unsuspecting Twitterpreneurs to pay as much as $100 per month for the program. This when the large print promises that the secrets of Twitter income will be unlocked after you buy mere $1.95 CD.

Overall, the marketing methods are similar to those for acai berry and government grants scams. Don’t be fooled. The BBB reminds everyone that no matter how badly in need of work you might be, there are surefire signs of a work-at-home scam that you should look for:

• The “job” is actually a money-making scheme and doesn’t provide actual employment.
• The work-at-home scheme claims that you can make lots of money with little effort and no experience.
• You have to pay money upfront in order to be considered for the job or receive more information.
• The exact same tweet touting the program is posted by many different Twitterers. The links in such tweets could lead you to scam sites or install malware onto your computer.

Stay safe, be careful, and remember the real profit center of Twitter: getting companies that have wronged you to listen to you.

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