Macbook Pro Owner Caught In Warranty Catch-22 Thanks To Apple's Mistake

Because of an Apple technician’s mistake, Gennadiy had two options for repairing his 2009 Macbook Pro: either pay $1240+tax to replace the logic board because Apple said water damage voided the warranty, or push the unseated cable back into place and prove that there was no water damage—which would void the warranty. Gennadiy took the second option and saved himself over $1300, but now has no warranty should something actually happen to the logic board that should be covered.

I spilled a bit of Snapple on the keyboard of my early 2009 Macbook Pro. The unibody design requires the entire top assembly to be replaced, $320. So I pay that, but they tell me the logic board needs replacing because one of the fans isn’t working. They say [I] voided my warranty because of the liquid damage to the logic board. So I open up the bottom and see what the problem is and it’s just a little jumper wire that wasn’t seated all the way in.

I press it down and click it back into place and the 2nd fan starts spinning back up, CPU temp goes from 80C idle to 45C idle.

I call them up and they tell me that the only way they can reinstate my warranty is by sending in the laptop because I opened it and tampered with the laptop. What a crock, it was the technician’s fault for not seating the cable into the board properly at the time of the repair and now I’m being held responsible. Smithhaven Mall Apple store in NY. Can we get some justice on this? I even had ProCare and they brushed me off, including the manager – falling back on the Terms and Conditions of my warranty.

(Photo: Christoph*B)

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