Barnes & Noble’s new iPhone app comes with a virtual coupon–there’s a one-time-only code you show the in-store barista to receive a free cup of coffee. []


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  1. ajlei says:

    Can you uninstall and redownload the app to get a new coupon? I wonder how difficult it is to produce a new code. I only wonder because I work at a competitor in their store cafe and people abuse our free drink coupons heavily.

    • Kevin Switzer says:

      @ajlei: starbucks has a competitor? who? i’d like to get coffee from anyone else (except mcdonalds because their coffee sucks)

    • Robert Synnott says:

      @ajlei: They should be able to tie it to the device id, which is not easily changed, except through jailbreaking, and even then is not a good thing to change as it can break push notification.

  2. Baldrash says:

    The coupon has a set code, with a fine-print limitation of “one per person, one per iPhone”. Obviously, it’s working entirely on the honor system, so people are definitely going to abuse it to its fullest before the company pulls the plug. I didn’t see anyone bring in their iPhone today, but the company just started their marketing push for it today.

    • Chris Walters says:

      @Baldrash: Just carry a ball peen-hammer with you and gently crack the screen after someone redeems the code. Problem solved.

      *runs off to buy Apple/AT&T stock*

      • Baldrash says:

        @Chris Walters: I think I’d rather just take the iPhone from the customer, just like we do with the paper coupons. But I’ll suggest the hammer idea anyway.

  3. geoffhazel says:

    Free coffee, free wifi ( I have the iTouch, so that’s even more important to me), what’s not to love?