What, You Expect Comcast To Stop Billing You Just Because You Canceled Your Account?

Look, Comcast, when you take back someone’s equipment and give them a receipt confirming that their account has no balance, it’s not unreasonable for them to think that their account is canceled. Don’t keep billing them for service and equipment rentals, and don’t tell them that you “can keep [the account] active and [bill] indefinitely until [you] decide to disconnect it.” Because if you do, they’re going to call their state Attorney General’s office. At least that’s how Paul convinced Comcast to finally cancel his account.

Shannon, Paul’s girlfriend, writes:

I have had an unusually bad experience that is still unresolved with Comcast Cable.

My boyfriend, Paul, canceled his Comcast account over three weeks ago, returning all of the company’s equipment and obtaining a receipt that reflected a zero balance.

Comcast has since continued to send bills for future service and rental for the returned equipment. Three customer service representatives have told us that it is company policy that they can keep your account active and bill you indefinitely until they decide to disconnect it. You have no real power to cancel your own account.

The disconnection appears to be scheduled each day for the current day and is automatically rescheduled at the end of every day for the following day when it is not done.

In addition to speaking with customer service reps over the phone, we have attempted to contact them through email to no avail.

He has filed a complaint with the attorney general of our state because he believes Comcast is using his old account information to maintain a fraudulent account.

I just wanted to warn other customers of this company policy.

Shannon later sent us an update:

I wanted to let you know about the conclusion of the story (I hope).

I had filed a complaint with the Connecticut State Attorney General’s Department of Public Utility Control and they called Comcast on my behalf.

As a result, Comcast resolved the dispute and pro-rated the last month of service.

The actual disconnection was finally performed, possibly related to the fact that I filed a complaint with the FCC for leaking RF signal, though I do not know this for sure.

So, it was not a normal channel for resolution, but it’s resolved nonetheless.