"Potty Patch" Doggie Toilet — Load Of Crap, Or Genuine Product?

Dogs, sheesh, who’d have ’em. They hump your leg, their poop stinks, and — worst of all, they pee all over your carpet. Well, meet the Potty Patch! It’s an indoor restroom for doggies. Basically a patch of faux sod over a plastic tray that catches the pee. Now you don’t need to get off the couch to walk the dog, you can just let her take a quick, stinky whiz right next to your kegerator. Whew!

But the Potty Patch “goes” where the Poo Patch, the Porch Potty, the Penthouse Potty, the Petapotty, and the Patio Potty don’t go…. it seems to be a St. Bernard-sized scam! The dogosphere is full of complaints from people who never received any product at all, or who experienced extremely questionable customer service.

“Called the 800 number provided and went through the automated system…..then, and only after my order was placed and my credit card info was given, the automated voice informed me that if my dog was not a puppy and weighs more than 15 lbs, I should “upgrade my order for an additional $40.00.” Now this became an $80.00 item. There was no option to cancel, or ask for customer service, just a voice pitching more items to tie into the sale. On the Web there is a small link to customer service and a phone number: 866-518-2294. I called and cancelled.”

“Do not give them your credit card number. Within days of ordering it online I had two unauthorized purchases of video games on my credit card. I have never bought video games! Also, they told me that they don’t have my order on file because it takes several days to update their computer system. I knew right then something was seriously wrong. Buyers beware!!”

I ordered this about the 7th of Jan and no confirmation, nothing. I have emailed them several times and no reply. I am begining to feel scammed!

I placed an order online and then e-mailed the website link to other members of my family, who told me that when they clicked on the website link my debit card information appeared! I immediately called the company. It took over 9 hours to get through. When I did finally get through I was told I could not cancel my order. I called my bank and stopped payment.

Doggies.com’s “Dog Lady” did some following up, speaking to Christian Darby, the owner of PottyPatch.com. Darby admitted that his company was only now starting to fulfill orders from as far back as December 2008. Why? Because Potty Patch started running TV ads before they actually had anything to sell. But Darby says his company has now ramped up production and is fulfilling orders within about two weeks. Hmmmmm.

There have been fleeting reports of people *actually* receiving their portapiss as of July 1st, but we have to say, on esthetics alone, we’d definitely take care of our business on the white-picket-fenced Patio Potty.

(Photo: adamr.stone)

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