Personal Finance Roundup

Michael Jackson’s Death and Your Estate Plan [Smart Money] “For those who already have an existing estate plan, here’s how the larger 2009 exemption could affect you – along with some advice on how to avoid potential danger zones.”
How to Make the Most of a College Degree [Free Money Finance] “What can/should potential graduates do to make the most of their college degree financially?”
Keeping Finances Afloat During a Divorce [Wall Street Journal] “Here are some ways to salvage finances during a divorce.”
Is ‘Cash for clunkers’ right for you? [Bankrate] “Before taking up Obama on ‘Cash for clunkers,’ decide if selling your car would bring in more money.”
The 10 Most Dollar-Discounted Housing Markets [US News] “Listing prices in these cities have been slashed by millions of dollars over the past year.”

FREE MONEY FINANCE (Photo: frankieleon)