How To Maintain Your New iPhone's Erection—For Free!

I’ve been a satisfied owner of an original iPhone for a while, and recently upgraded to an iPhone 3G for $99. The crappy part is, on the new phone, Apple is no longer including the handy little dock, forcing the poor device to lie prone, without dignity.

I found my original iPhone dock useful and, electronically, it’s the same; the only difference is in the actual physical shape of the hole. So, I just took a drill (a Dremel will work better, but I can’t find mine right now, ok?) and reamed out the hole until the new iPhone fit.

It’s pretty easy, and for those upgrading from an original iPhone, free. It doesn’t look perfect, but when the phone is in it you can’t tell, so who cares? Just shave the groove out a bit wider and deeper, and test fit with your phone.

Carrie McLaren & Jason Torchinsky are coeditors of Ad Nauseam: A Survivor’s Guide to American Consumer Culture. In previous lives, they worked together on the hopelessly obscure and now defunct Stay Free! magazine .

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