Allergy Card Company Sends Useful Things You Didn't Order

Select Wisely is a company that makes food allergy/sensitivity cards and medical emergency cards for travelers in a wide variety of languages so you don’t need to worry about random shrimp or peanuts showing up in your food on a business trip to China. Reader Michael (commenter LetMeGetTheManager) ordered a set of cards, and was so delighted with their service that he just had to e-mail Consumerist.


Thank you for sending the allergy translation cards I ordered, both the “Strongly Worded Peanuts” cards for China and Hong Kong, as well as the “List of Nuts” cards for China and Hong Kong. However, including cards that I did not order, but that would be extremely helpful for someone who is severely allergic to nuts, is a great example of a company going above and beyond what they normally do in business. With my allergy, which could easily lead to death in an instant, those emergency cards work out to be extremely helpful in the unfortunate event I need to use them.

I will let you know how these cards worked out upon returning from my trip.

Since Michael had ordered his cards as PDFs, it didn’t require a lot of resources to enclose extra cards with his order, but it was still a thoughtful gesture and very useful to him!