Market Forces And Recession Hurt Nevada's Legal Brothels

Legal brothels in Nevada are in a situation that has seemingly wandered out of an Economics 101 textbook. Scary as it is to reduce In the recession, more women are entering sex work (both legal and illegal) but there are fewer customers to go around.

The downturn afflicting Nevada’s legal bordellos leaves one tenacious critic of prostitution with mixed feelings. Melissa Farley, a long-time activist who has studied Nevada’s brothels in detail, says that women who end up working in such establishments are already victims of economic woe.

“I’m glad to see the pimps in trouble, But I’m not happy to see any shred of additional economic stress on women who work in prostitution,” she says.

Or on any ordinary person who is trying to make a living.

Sex feels the credit squeeze in Nevada [The Observer]

(Photo: gigielmes)

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