Have You Received Your Dell Multi-State Settlement Check Yet?

Did you file a claim form in the Dell multi-state settlement earlier this year? Have you received your check yet? According to the FAQ posted by the attorneys general of states participating in the suit, Monday, June 22 was the deadline for Dell to mail checks to consumers.

Reader Josh in Florida hasn’t received his check, and wonders whether anyone else who took part have received their checks yet. If Dell is sticking to their deadline, most if not all checks should have arrived by now.

UPDATE! Commenter Eukaryote provided relevant and useful information that answers the question posed by this post. Yay, Internet!

I am an Assistant AG, and a number of states had the checks mailed to the AG’s office rather than directly to Consumers. That way Dell’s lawyers didn’t have the chance to get the final word in when they mailed the checks.

The checks will be mailed out either today or tomorrow, and consumers should receive them by the end of the week.

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