Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

SwingingHere are ten wonderful photos readers added to The Consumerist Flickr Pool this week, picked for neatness and usability in a Consumerist post. Check ’em out!

by D.P. Rubino

Dairy Queen got my $20

by frankieleon


by pbm.


by D.P. Rubino

California Adventure ride

by Weffie


by troubled12e8c

274-365 Crossing Guard

by JoelZimmer

87:365; together forever in love

by onlymefairmay

Reminds me of Gym Class Heroes

by jenni0206

May 2004

by Weffie

Our Flickr Pool is the place where Consumerist readers go and upload photos for possible use in future Consumerist posts. Just be a registered Flickr user, go here, and click “Join Group?” up on the top right, and start hitting “send to group” on your individual photos you want to add to the pool.

Add your shots to The Consumerist Flickr pool, and perhaps they’ll get featured in a future story, or even highlighted in a Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool Finds post. See previous winners of the Friday Consumerist Flickr Pool finds here.