HP Ruins Yet Another Laptop Repair—Three Times And Counting

Tyler needs his laptop repaired, but he’s got the bad luck to own an HP product. If you read Consumerist regularly you know that Hewlett-Packard has one of the worst track records for taking care of its customers. The last time we posted a complaint, the person who reached out to us from the corporate side was a third party at a PR firm hired by HP, if that tells you anything about how little they care about doing a good job. Read Tyler’s recap below and remember it the next time you’re in the market for a computer.

I’m not sure if there is a normal means of me posting an issue that I’ve had on the Consumerist website, but I want to make people as aware as I can of the issues that I’ve had with HP Customer Service. To give you the short version of the story:

  • Sent my laptop in to to HP to have the motherboard replaced due to a bad video card.
  • The replacement motherboard worked for 12 hours before dying.
  • Sent it in again, and they “replaced” it again. As which point they sent it back to the wrong city.
  • Tried to get them to contact FedEx and have it rerouted to the correct city, but they refused to contact FedEx.
  • Had to wait for FedEx to figure out that the street address did not exists in the city they were trying to deliver the laptop to, and send it back to HP. (What if someone signed for and stole my laptop!?!?)
  • HP then took their sweet time sending it to me in the right city only to find out that they had not done a thing to the laptop (video still not working motherboard unchanged)
  • They sent me another box to ship it to them a third time, but sent it to the wrong (mistyped) address. Took FedEx a week to figure out where to send it.
  • HP Customer Service refuses to let me speak to a supervisor.
  • HP Customer Service refuses to let me file a complaint against a service rep who told me “I don’t care if HP has to buy you a new laptop, this isn’t out problem” (referring to shipping it to the wrong city.)
  • HP Customer Service refuses to let me speak to the technician who supposedly replaced the motherboard.
  • HP Customer Service refuses to even discuss reimbursing any of the money that I’ve spent on this repair.

Tyler, here is the contact info for executive customer service. Perhaps you can try giving them a call tomorrow.

“Reach Hewlett-Packard Executive Customer Service”
(Photo: S Baker)

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