Peter Pan Saves The Earth By Giving You Less Peanut Butter

Pedro discovered that ConAgra Foods focused the Grocery Shrink Ray on Peter Pan peanut butter and came up with an excuse for the downsizing straight out of Never Never Land: It’s good for the environment.

Take it away, Pedro:

ConAgra Foods, maker of Peter Pan Peanut Butter products has come up with an ingenious way to use the Grocery Shrink Ray Gun to pad their bottom line and at the same time save the Earth (or at least fool those pesky tree huggars!).

I normally eat PBnJ sandwiches at least 3 times a week. For myself, its been a staple for lunch that provides me a filling and delicious meal at a reasonable cost. However, the jar I normally purchase has been reduced in size to something slimmer, yet slightly taller. At first glance, it seems as if you’re getting a larger jar. The bold sticker claiming “New Earth Friendly Jar – Now 9% less plastic per oz.” even made me feel warm and fuzzy inside knowing that another corporate giant was taking a step to being a more responsible corporate citizen. Well on my way home, I got to thinking how strange it was for a claim to say 9% less per oz. The ‘per oz.’ just sounded fishy and based on what I read about the Grocery Shrink Ray Gun, I had my suspicions. When I arrived home, I pulled out my trusty calculator and went with my hunch. I wondered to myself if the difference in package sizes amounted to the very same 9% that ConAgra was claiming to save the Earth by. Well I divided the 462 grams of their Earth friendly jar with the 510 grams from their non-Earth friendly jar which gave me a figure of 91% rounded up. My suspicions were correct. ConAgra was saving the earth by selling us the same product in a smaller package at the same price. Grocery Shrink Ray guns strikes again!

For ConAgra to dupe their customers under the guise of an environmental goodwill gesture is downright sleazy. That’s like GM selling an Eco Friendly Hummer because they created a model that had a 10 gallon fuel tank as opposed to a 20 gallon fuel tank (notwithstanding that they would also be ripping their customers by skimping on their product and selling less then what is expected).

How is this Earth friendly?

We suspect Captain Hook or his shifty-eyed first mate Smee have made off with the extra PB and this is all just a cover-up.

(Photos: Pedro)

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