Too Bad You Missed The -6571% Off Sale

Check out the fantastic Deal of the Day that reader C found at An error put a rug’s original price at $1.50 (as opposed to probably $150) meaning that it’s on sale for only -6571% off.


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  1. Tvhargon says:

    My math may be wrong, but wouldn’t it be -66.66% off?

  2. misterfuss says:

    I think that each $1.50 increase in price would be “-100%” off. So, since a price of $99.99 is a $98.49 increase, it would be -6566% off. ($98.49/1.50 x 100)

    Although my math gets me close, I can’t figure out why it is showing -6571% off though.

  3. kunai says:

    It should be $98.57. Double fail.

  4. AppleAlex says:

    awesome, what a discount!!!!

    who buys rugs these days?

  5. Kishi says:

    But the shipping is free!

  6. Canino says:

    An error put a rug’s original price at $1.50 (as opposed to probably $150)

    A 4’x6′ rug is $150? I’ve never had occasion to even look at buying a rug, but that seems to be about five times what I would expect to pay at the most. Why is this so expensive?

    • supercereal says:

      @Canino: Well, you’d be surprised at how much most rugs can actually cost. You can find rugs smaller than that for well over $100, and even up to $1000.

    • Chmeeee says:

      @Canino: It does claim to be “hand tufted,” whatever that means. $150 for a 4×6 doesn’t surprise me in the slightest.

    • oneandone says:

      @Canino: I was definitely surprised at how much they cost. I was delighted to find a 4×6 at Ikea for about $20. It was on sale, and only available in brown, but it worked.

      @Chmeeee: ‘Hand tufted’ or ‘handmade’ on rugs skeeves me out*. With rugs that have a pattern or look more oriental, hand-made means it’s likely some poor child in terrible conditions made them. Unlikely with this kind of plain rug, but it’s still creepy to think of someone making industrial products by hand.

      *Unless they are artisanal rugs. Then I’m ok with it.

  7. Verucalise (Est.February2008) says:

    ONLY ONE LEFT!?!?! by JEEEZ, I shouldn’t wait on that fantastic bargain, holding my debit card now….!!

    (Hands shaking uncontrollably with excitement as I enter my card numbers into the website….)

  8. "I Like Potatoes" says:

    @AppleAlex: But it ships free!

  9. ScarletsWalk says:


    Yeah, who buys rugs? Why buy when you can make? I raise my own sheep and gather their wool. I spin it into thread and dye it with my own naturally grown plant dyes. Then I weave it into rugs. It costs a little more and takes more time, but we should all do for ourselves when we can. Why pay someone else to do what you can do for yourself?

  10. cparsons says:

    Seems like an obvious typo for the original price, right? Probably $150…

  11. DoubleBaconVeggieBurger says:

    @ScarletsWalk: I just walk around on bare subfloor.

  12. Brunette Bookworm says:

    @AppleAlex: People who rent who can’t change the flooring they have but want something different?

    Can we have one story that doesn’t include a comment of “Who does/buys/shops at/eats at X anymore?” I thought it was actually against the commenting code or does that not apply anymore?

  13. Winteridge2 says:

    $1.50 sounds more reasonable to me. Maybe the sale price should be $.99? Has the sale ended yet? I might take 1 for a buck-fifty.