Sorry, You Are Too Tall For Weight Watchers!

This is kinda sad. JJ is 6’10” and wants to lose a little weight. Trouble is, 6’10” is too tall for Weight Watchers Online.

JJ says:

In the past I’ve signed up for weight watchers, and I typically go into a “maintenance” program to help remind me how to eat properly. I tried to sign up today on the 18th of June and was informed that I’m now too tall for them to help me. Funny, I wasn’t too tall to give them money this time last year. Essentially, I think it is sad that they are discriminating on height. I could see if they said that I had a real weight problem and needed a hardcore weight loss plan, but I’m about 280 lbs. and 6’10”. I have a small gut. Ridiculous. Thanks for letting me rant!

Any tall people out there with some Weight Watchers alternatives for JJ?