Hey, Who Took A Bite Out Of My Cheeseburger?

Jesus and his family stopped at the drive-thru window of a newly opened Sonic in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. on their way home from a shopping trip. When they got home and opened their bags, Jesus noticed something weird about his bacon cheeseburger. Part of it was missing.

Once we got home ( we ordered using the drive thru, so we just went straight home to eat ) I opened my bag, and unwrapped my burger only to see what seemed at the time like a part of the burger was missing. I take the whole burger out and remove the bun and notice that the part that seemed like it was missing, was bitten into! I have attached photos of the burger and receipt.

I called the number on the reciept 7 times and I get no answer. I have also tried getting in touch with corporate, with no luck on the phone.

Check out the full-detail cheeseburger carnage below. Is this a simple case of misshapen patty, did his burger fall apart, or did someone really chomp down on this burger before putting it on a bun?

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