US Airways Employee Helps Roommate Smuggle Gun Aboard To Avoid Checking It

The AP is reporting that the employee charged with smuggling a unloaded handgun and ammunition aboard a US Airways flight was trying to help his roommate avoid checking it.

According to the article, the employee’s roommate was moving to Arizona, and did not understand the proper procedure for traveling with firearms. When he asked the US airways employee for help, the employee allegedly offered to smuggle the gun aboard.

The employee has a different story. He claims he accidentally grabbed the wrong bag from their home that morning and was switching it back.

The passenger has a license for the gun and a permit to carry it. For those of you thinking of traveling with firearms — be sure to read the TSA’s rules. It’s possible to travel with both guns and ammo if you plan ahead and check a bag. We hate US Airways baggage fees too — but we bet these two guys wish they’d just paid the extra money.

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