Should you buy a ShamWow to wash your car? Consumer Reports says, “No!” Instead, apply the suds with a large, soft natural sponge or a lamb’s-wool mitt. Then use a natural or synthetic chamois or terry cloth towels. [Consumer Reports]


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  1. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    What about paper towels? You can tie it in a knot, it’s still there.

  2. Auto-Erotic_GitEmSteveDave-ation says:

    I was watching “Pitchmen” on Discovery this weekend, and the director on a shoot brought up the Sham-Wow to Billy Mays. You could see the seething.

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    Darn it. I misread the title as, “Should you buy a ShamWow to wash your cat?”
    I’ll be moving along now (mutter mutter mutter)

  4. tgrwillki says:

    So it’s a sham? wow!

  5. Shoelace says:

    Cheapo towel from a dollar store. Wring out once in awhile. Doesn’t support icky Vince.

  6. CaptainSemantics says:

    Why would you use it to *wash* a car? Isn’t the point that a ShamWow absorbs water?

    • CaptainSemantics says:

      @CaptainSemantics: Therefore, rendering it rather useless for *washing,* but optimal for *drying.*

    • dangermike says:

      @CaptainSemantics: Exactly. I thought the whole point behind the name was that the “sham” part is homonymous with the first syllable of chamois, and that the shamwow is a synthetic chamois, in which case it would be an optimal drying cloth after you’ve washed your car with something more suitable like a microfiber towel.

  7. TalKeaton: Every Puzzle Has an Answer! says:

    Oh, good! Let me just grab my lamb’s-wool mitt and…

    …OH WAIT.

    Nobody has those.

    • Turcicus says:

      @TalKeaton: Wal-Mart used to carry them for 5 bucks but I haven’t been able to find them recently.

      • supercereal says:

        @Turcicus: I got a nice one direct from Meguiar’s a while back. Don’t know if they’re still selling them, but it’s pretty fantastic for washing.

  8. larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

    OK, I’ll bite. Who was saying that you *should* use a ShamWow to wash your car? Vince says to use it on the car, boat, RV but the video shows people drying those vehicles off. One of the “testimonial” guys says “if you’re gonna wash your car, you need one” but for some of us, wiping with a “shammy” (i.e. chamois) has always been a part of the car washing routine.

  9. I_have_something_to_say says:

    I’ve been using a squeegee to take most of the water off. The “shammy” get’s the rest :)

  10. Kevin says:

    ShamWow? Nope. Get a Water Sprite. Cheaper, more effective, and easier to get a hold of. Walmart’s got them and so do little boutiques like

  11. 2 replies says:

    Does rubbing a goat-antilope on your car really work?
    [] <– Real “Chamois”

  12. SunnyLea says:

    I believe the point is for drying you car.

    Like a chamois.

    Like the part where you say, “use a natural or synthetic chamois.”

    A synthetic chamois… which is what the ShamWow is, no?

  13. Rectilinear Propagation says:

    But why lamb’s wool? We don’t like llamas?

  14. krunk4ever says:

    I like using Costco’s mirco-fiber towels to dry my car. :)

  15. HiPwr says:

    I was expecting the report to compare the ShamWow with a chamois, or some such thing. It didn’t appear to me that they really addressed the effectiveness of a ShamWow in drying a car at all. It was just kind of a re-hash of the same report from a while back.

    Poor effort, Consumer Reports.

  16. ladygoat says:

    I’ve discovered that cloth diapers are excellent at drying a car, more absorbent and softer than even terry cloth towels. We just used some old diapers that we had on hand, but they cost under $2 new, which is a far better bargain than ShamWow even if you bought them just for that.