Timbuk2 Really, Really Wants You To Be Happy With Their Bags

Jennifer had some problems with a bag she acquired from high-end baggery Timbuk2, and when some stitching started to come out, she sent it in for repairs. When some of the bag’s stitching came out, she was treated to a great big pouch full of “above and beyond” customer service.

About five years ago I purchased a laptop messenger bag from Timbuk2 I had heard a lot good things about the bags, I saw plenty on them and loved that I’d be supporting a local company. I drug this bag everywhere. Cross country, road trips, daily trips to work, weekend travel, you name it.

A few months ago, I noticed some unstitching by the handle and some unraveling / feathering on a couple of the pockets. Nothing major, but I did worry about the waterproof design being compromised. I contacted Timbuk2 customer service, and Tim asked me to send them some photos. I sent some not-so-great quality ones to them, and Tim replied that it was a warranty issue, and they would either fix the bag or provide a full refund. I was stunned ñ this bag is very very used! I figured I’d just “loved it too much” as Timbuk2 says. They also allowed me to drop the bag off in the retail store instead of mailing it in.

About a week after I dropped off my bag, it was mailed back to me with the handle re-stitched. I was excited to have my bag back, but I was a bit puzzled that the pockets were still feathered. I wrote Timbuk2 again to ask if anything could be done about the frayed pockets. Megan replied right away, and said she felt bad that they’d missed the fraying, and then provided me with a store credit for the full amount of the bag.

That’s a great company that stands behind their product 100%. I’ll be a customer of theirs for a long time!

Isn’t that great? Of course, highly durable, repairable items probably don’t get replaced too often, but a satisfied customer who recommends the brand to others is a pretty good asset, too.

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