The next time you’re looking at hotels online, try and Our readers recommend both sites for helping you figure out which hotels you’re being offered on Priceline or Hotwire. (Thanks to bohemian and picantel!)


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  1. dohtem says:

    Thanks for the sites. I just paid through the nose last weekend for a 2 day hotel stay for a friends wedding :(

    I know how to search for flights but it seems hotels are another game entirely.

  2. Anonymously says:

    See also: []

  3. MrPaulAR says:

    Note that you can get additional money back by starting through

  4. outshined says: is great, I’ve scored many Priceline bid hotel rooms using the forum’s help. However, if you’re going to ask the moderator a question, be prepared by reading the FAQ first or she will dress you down.

  5. themicah says:

    Be careful at biddingfortravel. The proprietor has, how do we say… less-than-optimal social skills. She likes to ban your IP address if you post Priceline results without having made your Priceline bid through her kickback links.

    Betterbidding has its kickback links, too. But they’re not jerks about it.

    • bohemian says:

      @themicah: I received a rather stern email for forgetting to use the link on their site through betterbidding once. They use affiliate revenue to help pay for keeping the site going. Both offer a pretty spiffy service to people for free so using their link to actually go purchase at Hotwire or Priceline is a small tip jar type thing you can do in return.

    • Myownheroine says:


      That’s true, does give you reminders. But the person at biddingfortravel is well-known for kicking people out and being an all-around jerk.

      I use betterbidding all the time but won’t register for BFT b/c of how mean she is.

  6. kepler11 says:

    Biddingfortravel (and maybe the other site, I’ve never visited) is very good for getting an idea of what you can start out bidding or hotels/cars in an area. Also, if you see their lists of hotels that people have been getting, it allows you to very cleverly use the system to your advantage.

    For example, if you know that you want a 3 star hotel in your chosen area, and you get rejected, you can use knowledge that there are no 3 star hotels in some other area of the city to re-bid without having to change other aspects of your stay.

    • dangral says:


      Absolutely. The free re-bid is _key_ to getting a good hotel deal. My advice to anyone bidding is to read biddingfortravel’s hotel FAQ and truly, truly understand your free rebid zones before bidding.

  7. twritersf says:

    I have recommended–and used–biddingfortravel for years. Yes, Sheryl can be curt at times, but put yourself in her shoes. Many of the thousands and thousands of people who post requests for help are asking the same questions over and over that are clearly posted in the comprehensive site FAQs. How would you feel if so many people demanded you answer the same question over and over. I have no issue with using the affiliate link to help pay for the site (heck, I even have the URI memorized, I’ve used it so many times). The complainers are symptomatic of what’s wrong with consumes these days: give them something, and instead of being grateful, they rudely demand more, expecting that they are entitled to it.

  8. Ephraim says: is infamous for banning people forever for the smallest things. Don’t answer quick enough… banned. Don’t understand a rule and ask a question… banned. Be very careful if you post. I’ve tried to get my ban removed except of course forgiveness doesn’t seem to be in their dictionary.