Best Buy Offers Enticing -$120 Off Laptop Price

Looking for an insane deal on a laptop? Look no further than Best Buy. They have a sale going on now that you wouldn’t believe. We got a screencap just in case you miss it.

Asus – Laptop with IntelÆ CentrinoÆ 2 Processor Technology [Best Buy] (Thanks, Jeff!)


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  1. ergasiophobiac says:

    Just a warning, it’s got Windows Vista 64-bit pre-installed. A number of people have migrated up to 64-bit operating systems, me included, but some devices just don’t have 64 bit drivers. The older your peripherals are, the more likely you’ll run into an issue. I’d double check to make sure all your stuff is going to work before getting one of these.

    • Gorphlog says:


      Or you could get with the times and buy modern equipment instead of using dinosaurs

    • wcmbk says:

      Thanks for letting me know, i was just about to grab one. With savings like these i cant afford not to

    • K-Bo says:

      @ergasiophobiac: I’d double check to make sure you aren’t paying more than the normal price before buying one of these (you know, the whole point of the post)

    • DePaulBlueDemon says:


      I guess this is as good of a time as any to bash Vista, huh?

    • larrymac thinks testing should have occurred says:

      @ergasiophobiac: as we say on Slashdot — Whoooosh.

      And just to keep you from being (further?) confused, that’s the sound of the point of this article going over your head.

    • katstermonster says:

      @ergasiophobiac: Yeah, you know, the 64-bit operating system is CLEARLY the biggest issue I see with this purchase.

      @larrymac: Whoooooosh, indeed.

    • WiiPoleNotIncluded_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @ergasiophobiac: Well, you’re lucky. It does have a 64bit operating system, but it’s a 32bit increase over the previous 96bit system.

    • ergasiophobiac says:

      @ergasiophobiac: Haha, okay. Wooosh indeed. I read this and thought it was a genuine “Look, great deal!” post, and was trying to be helpful. Next time I need to check things twice I guess. :(

    • Firethorn says:

      @ergasiophobiac: It’s a laptop; how many peripherals are you going to install?

      Are you going to try to hook up a laserjet4 to it?(checks – yep there’s a 64bit driver for that old beast).

      • Firethorn says:


        Oh yeah, and the specs are 4 GB of RAM & a 512MB graphics card – it’s better to have a 64bit OS than the 4GB RAM & 1 GB video my laptop has – that came with 32bit Vista, meaning I only got ~2.5GB of my RAM as usable until I installed a 64bit OS(currently trying out Win7(64)).

    • dwasifar says:

      @ergasiophobiac: Really? I’ve been using 64-bit OS for years with no driver problems. The only issue is that the 64-bit flash plugin for Firefox is a little flaky.

      Nope. No 64-bit driver troubles here. Of course, it’s Linux; that might have something to do with it. Perhaps you meant to say “64-bit Microsoft operating systems” have driver trouble, not “64-bit operating systems” in general. ;)

      • AI says:

        There aren’t any issues with 64 bit Windows. Unless you call being able to use all of your RAM an issue. Drivers won’t be an issue as the OS is preinstalled. Does anybody really think that they’d ship a laptop with missing drivers? Unless you have a really old printer, you won’t have any problems.

    • Android8675 says:

      @ergasiophobiac: omg, any hardware that doesn’t have 64-bit or at least 32-bit drivers that have been “tested” in Win x64 should be tossed in favor of a company that gives a crud to support it’s hardware from future obsolescent.

  2. ergasiophobiac says:

    @Gorphlog: I personally have no issues, but then again I’m running 64-bit linux. Nothing is better than community support and not having to rely completely on manufacturers to actually support the products they sell.

  3. Joe Reilly says:

    I’d like to commend Best Buy on this one. You always know that they are charging too much, but they’ve finally gone public with it. Now, instead of showing you a highly inflated BB price and knocking a few dollars off it to make you think you are getting a deal, they show you what you’d pay elsewhere, and then they add on the Best Buy luxury tax and you arrive at your Best Buy price.

    Truth in advertising FTW!

  4. lehrdude says:

    Even better…It’s listed in the Outlet Center along with “this week’s hottest deals in one easy-to-find spot”.

  5. jchabotte says:

    yay.. first tip to get posted!!

  6. donnie5 says:

    I am hoping the 140 people who reviewed this product got this incredible -$120 off!

  7. Tito151 says:

    Sounds like a operator and sign error such as a double negative making a positive.

  8. EdnaLegume says:

    to be honest, I thought this was about getting a laptop for $120…

  9. Joeb5 says:

    $120 mark up seems right.

    Best buy ones had a psu that was $50 $100 more then then at a other place.

  10. mewyn dyner says:

    Another, very obvious, thing that is wrong with this is that they state “Centrino 2 Processor”… THERE IS NO SUCH THING! Centrino is a marketing term for Intel when the machine contains the an Intel processor (Core, Core 2, Core i7, Atom, Pentium M), Intel chipset (like a mobile 965) and an Intel wireless card. It is NOT a processor. Someone at Best Buy will probably be getting a slap from Intel if they found out about this.

    • BrewMe says:
      • rorschachex says:

        @BrewMe: Actually if you read the processor brief it tells you it has either a C2Q or a C2D, so mewyn dyner is right. However, Intel is trying to eliminate the confusion from Core i7, Core2, etc so they do want them advertising Centrino 2, so increase brand recognition, you know blue ocean stuff…

  11. snowburnt says:

    @ergasiophobiac: And you need to wake up and smell the doubled laptop bandwidth.

    64 bit is the way of…now.

  12. BrewMe says:

    It is dead now, just $50 savings.

  13. ajresch says:

    Speaking of laptops on, I actually had a really good experience with them this week. (At least much better than I had when I tried to buy it in store.

    I wanted the Gateway FX 17-inch gaming laptop that got good reviews from most laptop sites, and it was reasonably priced at $1,149.
    I went to the store near me, and after getting the Geek-Squad setup pushed on me by the salesman, and telling him I was a C.S. major and could do everything myself, he said he’d go grab it from the back.

    He came out and said the only one they had was worked on by the Geek Squad (refurbished), and it would be fine, he’d just give me a discount.
    I asked him if they’d be getting any new ones in, in the near future.
    He said no, that he’d just give me the refurbished one.
    I told him that I was no longer interested.

    Then, I went to, and ordered it there.
    Even though I got standard shipping, it shipped the next day, and took only 2 days after shipping to get here.

    The day it was expected to arrive, I saw they lowered the price by $60 online.
    I called the Best Buy help-line, and the guy was glad to give me a $60+sales tax credit to my account, which was posted to my bank account the next morning.

  14. TuxRug says:

    Can you believe I ordered that EXACT laptop from Best Buy two days ago for $899? Excuse me while I quietly cuss myself out.

  15. robdew2 says:

    A programatic or logic error on their web store. That never happens.

    Oh wait, actually it does, all the time, and gets posted here. Again. And Again.

    This is not news. This is not consumer advocacy. This is petty, boring and unoriginal.

    Is this affecting thousands of people? Is the monetary ramification large? Does it happen infrequently? If the answer to at least two of those questions is not yes, it’s not worth posting.

    • farker says:


      Careful, that kinda talk gets people disemvoweled around these parts…

    • feckingmorons says:

      @robdew2: I thought this stuff would stop when Consumer Reports took the help.

      Unfortunately it has not.

    • Con Sumer Zealot says:

      @robdew2: And that’s why you aren’t in charge of this site…

      • feckingmorons says:

        @Con Sumer Zealot: No he may not be, but I donate to Conumser’s Union and Consumer Reports Foundation. So I guess a short note if I send a check in this year would be appropriate.

        Consumer Reports is founded on authority and factuality. While even the magazine has some amusing stories like this in the back cover, it does not feature simply typographical errors like this. This is not noteworthy.

  16. Batwaffel says:

    So now we wait to see how many people start emailing consumerist with hate mail because they bought this laptop from BB and somehow got screwed in the old fashioned BB style.

  17. zibby says:

    Thanks for pointing this out – I just grabbed a couple!

  18. krispykrink says:

    Looks like Best Buy graduated from the Ben “Helicopter” Bernanke School of Fuzzy Math.

  19. Preyfar says:

    This has since been corrected. Now Best Buy is showing an $899 “regular price” with a $50 discount. WTF?

  20. panzerschreck1 says:

    i’m still seeing it
    lol@best buy

  21. endless says:

    @ergasiophobiac: @Jakuub:

    having dealt with 64 bit XP, i can tell you its a far worse situation.

    basically MS released it IMHO as a tech test, and abandoned it. XP64 is the true sequel to ME.

  22. MooseOfReason says:

    Already gone:

    Reg. Price:
    You Save:
    Our Price:

  23. Con Sumer Zealot says:

    I have forwarded this to a lady at Best Buy executive team who responded and helped when I complained how they treated the kid when they sold him a bogus 9 year old hard drive on it (previous posting on Consumerist before.) Hopefully she’ll help clear it up.

    Nice Gal, very professional.

  24. Winteridge2 says:

    So what is the REAL price? And, what, oh what, is a “vista upgrade”? I bet microsoft would like to know too!