Xbox 360 To Get Facebook And Twitter, Still Breaks

Good news for gamers, bad news for anyone who count the pixel-obsessed among their social media friends: This Fall Microsoft will bring Facebook and Twitter applications to the Xbox 360, allowing gamers to more easily stalk acquaintances from their couches and brag about their gaming accomplishments. Gaming blog Joystiq covered the announcement, which came at Microsoft’s Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference in Los Angeles Monday:

The core technology for the Xbox Facebook service is Facebook Connect, which links logins for different programs and sites (such as Digg) to a Facebook user profile. On the 360, it’ll link your Facebook profile to your gamertag. From your linked Xbox Live profile, you can look at friends’ Facebook profiles, update your status and look at pictures you and your friends have posted. In addition, if you accomplish any incredible in-game feats, you can update your Facebook profile to let your friends know of your achievement.

Gamers are giddy about the cross-integration, but geez, I’m pretty hard core gaming freak and still I’m thinking I don’t really need to know when a friend racks up 100,000 kills in Gears of War 2. Some things are best kept private.

There’s already an application that lets gamers post their achievements on Facebook automatically, but the new 360 interface will streamline the process. Anticipate Facebook’s “hide” news feed function to hit an all-time high once this feature hits.

In addition to the Facebook and Twitter revelation, Microsoft also sent a few more shockwaves Monday by revealing it’s releasing a motion-controller project, release on-demand movies in high-definition, stream Internet radio and offer current-generation games as downloads on Xbox Live.

Unfortunately, none of the new announcements addressed any sort of remedy for the fact that Xbox 360s constantly break.

Facebook on Xbox Live: What it is, and what it isn’t [Joystiq]


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  1. Canino says:

    I can’t wait for “social networking” to die.

    • valsharess1 says:

      @Canino: Me too. It is tiresome.

    • unobservant says:

      @Canino: Yes. All that tiresome commenting on things and such. ;)

      Sarcasm aside, My Facebook name is now something thoroughly silly and I only use it to say the occasional “hi” to out-of-town cousins. Twitter just seems redundant.

    • RogerTheAlien says:

      @Canino: Seriously. I don’t think people realize that each social networking/internet meme is “outdone” by one that becomes equally consuming, just to die the slow death of the one it replaced. Friendster…MySpace…Facebook…Twitter.

      As for Twitter, I think it’s really, I don’t know, self-possessed, to believe that anyone REALLY cares what I’m doing at any given moment. I don’t know what’s worse: the people who feel the need to post inane things like, “I just went to the store and bought grapes! Yay!”, or the people who religiously follow such inane tweets. Besides, isn’t following someone’s Twitter stream basically “legitimized” stalking?

      • RogerTheAlien says:

        @RogerTheAlien: Sorry for the rant, everyone.

        • liz72701 says:

          @RogerTheAlien: No apology necessary… you hit it on the nose. Jeeze, my sister-in-law wrote on her facebook status the other day about how she hates “missing” the little hairs on her knees when she shaves her legs. And people actually commented on it!

      • Canino says:

        @RogerTheAlien: I’m with you…I’ve never started an account on friendster, myspace or facebook. I would never put my picture online anyway, so there would be no point.

        I started a twitter account just to see what all the fuss was about. The only thing I could think of to say was, “I started a twitter account.” And no one would have read that but me anyway, so I deleted it and deleted the account.

  2. William Brinkman says:

    The cooling problems with the old-generation chipset have been addressed for over a year with the release of the Jasper chipset.

    • Erwos says:

      @William Brinkman: Actually, Jasper is less than a year old. You mean Falcon. But Falcon also fixed the majority of RROD problems.

      But, yes, having Consumerist wail on a company after they’ve gone and fixed their problems is pretty ignorant. Is there ever forgiveness, or do you just revisit the sins of the past on a company forever?

    • AstroPig7 says:

      @William Brinkman: Yet we still hear about newer systems dying.

    • RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave says:

      @William Brinkman: You’re right. I mean, how many units can be out there in the wild from the first few years of a console release? Certainly not as many as have been released in the last year. I mean, don’t most stores throw out all their existing stock after a new chip is installed?

      • William Brinkman says:

        @RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave: You live for internet passive/aggressive sarcasm, don’t you? I’m simply pointing out that there have been (two) chipsets that have remedied the problem for over a year now and that the system boasts a 1 year comprehensive warranty and a 3 year warranty against RROD. This is like people crying about Vista like it’s 2006 or OS9 like it’s 2001.

        • RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave says:

          @William Brinkman: Don’t you mean “Mojave”. B/c that’s what they started calling it last year to get people to try and use it and overcome the “Vista” stigma.

        • superberg says:

          @William Brinkman:

          And what about the E-74 issue? It’s not as widespread, or even as understood, but it still exists.

          Sorry, but I’m on my third 360. Good warranty or not, the thing is about as reliable as the weather here in Chicago.

          • dragonfire81 says:

            @superberg: The failure rate is still higher than it should be.

            • Jakuub says:

              @dragonfire81: Quantify your response. Asserting this as if it’s fact doesn’t add any credence to your claim, not to mention how ambiguous your claim is to begin with. Is the failure rate for all 360s too high? New ones as well as old ones? Or are you claiming that 360s with new chipsets are failing at an unacceptable rate? Regardless of that – where’s your data?

              • RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave says:

                @Jakuub: I believe the fact that Microsoft has been extending warranties for units past their original periods is showing there is a problem. Most companies don’t change their warranty periods b/c there is “normal” failure rates.

                • Jakuub says:

                  @RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave: Show me data, not poorly constructed inferences. And if you pull data regarding launch units, yes, they have a problem.

                  If you’ve forgotten, please go re-read the original post in this thread, which states that the new chipsets have resolved that issue, which is what you seem to disagree with, but with no evidence whatsoever.

                  • RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave says:

                    @Jakuub: Well, here is an article about how according to an insider, their failure rate is above 5% and under 10% of total units from 2008:

                    • Jakuub says:

                      @RideMyDiscoStick?_GitEmSteveDave: Thanks for actually doing the legwork on that;
                      The between 5 and 10% is high, admittedly. It’s not however, “constantly breaks” as implied in the article, which is my main issue. Another note regarding the data – it’s for 2008, the first Jasper 360s were out in late, late 08, as far as I can tell (Source,Source), so they likely weren’t terribly influential on those numbers.

                • BacteriaEP says:


                  Well there WAS a problem back when Microsoft extended the warranties almost 2 years ago. Since then Microsoft has updated and improved the systems twice through the Jasper and Falcon chipsets, not to mention adding better more reliable fans.

                  I’ve been a RROD victim myself, but that was a year and a half ago and since then my 360 hasn’t suffered a hiccup or a stutter.

                  I understand the point the OP was trying to make concerning the 360, but, bottomline, he just wasn’t informed about the current situation and as such should not have included it in a post about new features for the Xbox.

                  Xbox 360s will always break and malfunction. There’s no such thing as a 0% fail rate. Newer systems, older system, systems that will come out next year will still break. Just like PS3 and Wii systems do. What’s important is getting the fail rate of those systems to an acceptable level to which I believe they have done.

                  So you probably will still hear stories about the RRoD… thats not going away unless Microsoft programs a different notification for hardware failure. However, those stories are in no way indicative of failure rates. For that you need official polls, and statistics from a governing body on the matter.

          • DustoMan says:

            @superberg: E-74 was an attempt by Joystiq’s Justin McElroy to get some undeserved attention. “Look and me! Look at me!”

            • Jakuub says:

              @DustoMan: So, to follow up, 2 days after the previous discussion took place, my 360 red ringed. Even I find this hilarious, so I thought I’d share it in case anyone stumbles upon this later.

              • mac-phisto says:

                @Jakuub: i stumbled; that sucks. hopefully it’s still under warranty.

                i had to send mine in & the refurb they sent back:
                1) red rings, but i can turn it on & off & usually after round 5 it will work
                2) hums like a power substation
                3) has a drive that frequently sticks, but a karate chop at the right time fixes that
                4) can’t be stood upright or it kills discs (i lost 3 before i smartened up)
                5) has broken usb ports – no charging cables or wired controllers allowed!

                & yet, i love that piece of shit.

                good luck!

        • trujunglist says:

          @William Brinkman:

          No, it’s not the same as software which is upgradeable (and btw, there were no problems with OS 9; you would’ve had to go back to system 7.5.5 to escape it if 9 was an issue), much cheaper, and can be uninstalled easily. You can’t upgrade an Xbox, it’s not cheap in the first place, and you can’t just remove or fix the bad parts without significant effort.

    • Daveinva says:

      @William Brinkman: I’ve owned two 360s now. . .

      BOTH worked– I gave the first one to a friend and got another one with HDMI for me. Never had any hardware problems at all.

      That said, my first FIRST-gen Xbox sparked to death in the middle of Rainbow Six and literally started bellowing smoke out of it. Good times.

    • DustoMan says:

      @William Brinkman: Like Comsumerist really cares, any chance to bash Microsoft and the Xbox… they’ll take it.

  3. HeyBickley says:

    I’m not against social networking, but I cannot for the life of me understand why you’d want these applications, that use typing-based communication as their sole reason for existence, on a CONSOLE.

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to pause your game, put down the controller and check your Twitter on your computer? I hate even trying to enter names with controllers, much less talk to all my “friends.”

    The achievement link is cool, I guess, but really unnecessary. :

    • pop top says:

      @HeyBickley: If you can find a 360 chat pad cheap, get it. It’s been much easier for me to use than *down down* t *up up over over* h…

    • TheBursar says:

      @HeyBickley: 360 has a “chatpad” with a layout very similar to a blackberry. Very good solution for this type of thing.

    • Jakuub says:

      @HeyBickley: 360 ALSO has these magical “USB Port” things, that let you plug in say… a keyboard, which you could, hypothetically, use to enter text. Technology sure is complicated.

    • Daniel Beahn says:

      @HeyBickley: I think a lot of people don’t realize that you can plug in any standard USB keyboard, and it will work find. I use a wireless model so I can type from the couch, but if you don’t do a lot of typing, then any standard USB keyboard will work.

    • Cant_stop_the_rock says:

      @HeyBickley: I don’t think I’d want to use the chatpad OR a USB keyboard to use facebook on the Xbox 360, but the achievement thing is cool. Hopefully they give you the option to only post certain achievements, like anything over 20 points.

  4. Jakuub says:

    @AstroPig7: We do? Who is we? By “newer” do you mean “recently purchased” or “known to contain Falcon or newer chipset?”

    In other words:
    [citation needed]

    • mac-phisto says:

      @Jakuub: i’ve had my hands in a “falcon”. trust me, the problems still exist. even with the cover off, the unit gets hot enough to thoroughly cook meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish & eggs to reduce the risk of foodbourne illnesses.

      the issue is that the GPU is still 95nm in the falcon boards, it sits right under the disc drive with a 1/4″ heat sink & is about as far as it can possibly be from the ventilating fans.

      now, i haven’t even seen a jasper yet, but they did reduce the amount of power those units draw considerably & replaced the GPU with a 65nm to match the 65nm CPU, as well as making other components smaller & more efficient (such as the memory units).

      still – the design itself is flawed. computer engineers have been saying that since it hit the marketplace. too much power in too small of a box. logic dictates that while jasper may reduce the number of problems, it won’t eliminate them b/c it doesn’t address the core issue.

  5. William Brinkman says:

    @AstroPig7: Anecdotal evidence. Unfortunately we’re in a situation where statistics would be considered proprietary information, but stories are nothing but stories.

    @Erwos: Sure. I’m a PS3 owner and don’t own a 360, but MS gets a lot of undeserved crap along with the crap that they do deserve. Systems have a 3 year warranty and they extended it to video failures as well. What else do people want?

  6. harlock_JDS says:

    as i posted in another forum the last thing in the world i want is twitter/facebook integration on a game system. My boss/coworkers/wife do not need to know I’m playing a game when i’m supposed to be working/cleaning the house and if i have you as a ‘buddy’ on my ps3/360 i do not necessarily want to hear you complain about your sad misfit highschool life or what you had for lunch I just want to know if you are online and want to play a game.

    I like seperation in my networks.

    • Justin Barbieri says:

      @harlock_JDS: so don’t use it

      • harlock_JDS says:

        @Justin Barbieri:

        of course i won’t but it’s just more crap i’ll have to filter out of facebook and twitter which is already getting overloaded with crap.

        Plus this was a ‘big announcement’ in the 360 presentation and it totally doesn’t apply to me. I would rather had seen stuff i would use (like games I like) than this junk.

    • 12-Inch Idongivafuck Sandwich says:

      @harlock_JDS: I’m with you. I don’t need all of my facebook friends knowing when I make achievements in various games, just as I don’t care to see when my facebook friends do. I may be friends with someone on xbox live, but I don’t know who they are in real life and don’t really care.

      I understand that xbox wants to be a front and center media powerhouse for your tv…I’m ok with that, streaming Netflix and videos/music from my computer…but facebook is one account I will not be integrating…

  7. Starfury says:

    Maybe I’m just old…but I don’t “get” the whole facebook/twitter thing. I don’t really need to put up every little milestone in my day up for my friends to see. If I want to share pictures I’ll just e-mail them instead of sharing with the world.

    • mac-phisto says:

      @Starfury: i’ve found a bunch of people that i lost touch with thru myspace/facebook, so for that, it’s unbeatable. i’ve also seen useful applications of twitter (to relate it to the post – when XBL was having serious connection issues a couple years back, i followed major nelson’s twitter for updates).

      but yeah – when it comes to the constant stream of “i’m eating pie. i’m done eating pie. i wish i had more pie. going to the store for pie. vote on your favorite pie.” bullshit, i could really care less.

      • harlock_JDS says:


        i’ve gotten back in touch with a bunch of people from highschool via facebook and it made me realize why i didn’t keep in touch with them in the first place ;)

        • mac-phisto says:

          @harlock_JDS: lol. for real. there’s a handful of people i just lost touch with & i’m glad we found each other again, but then there’s a whole slew of people i have neither “confirmed” nor “denied” that i can’t help thinking, why are you here? we spent 4 years trying to avoid each other at all costs. are you that hard up for a friend?!?

          still, i guess i have my own issues b/c i can’t bring myself to deny them. it seems like such a cruel thing to do to someone.

        • Waiting4Vizzini says:

          @harlock_JDS: Heh, I was thinking the same thing. These two sites are my favorite for a laugh about facebook.

    • unobservant says:

      @Starfury: But I’m in the mood for a tuna sandwich! And I kinda have to go to the bathroom! At 12:27 PM! All incredibly important points!

  8. Joseph Beck says:

    Why don’t they just add a Web browser and a wireless keyboard controller?

    They could call this amazing new technology WebTV 360!!

  9. JonThomasDesigns says:

    Just so you know my PS3 has Broken just as much as my XB360 …. 1-1 … PS3 also has its own RROD issue .. headlight of death it happened to me , there are viudoes of it on Youtube … i also had my PS3 stop reading all media but games (very odd) it would not read dvd’s or blurays but would play games .. i had to do a factory reset and lose everything for it to work

    Just Saying.

  10. Nate128 says:

    @Jakuub: I purchased an elite unit 360 about a year ago and made a point to look for the Falcon chipset (I even returned one and got a different one because the correct code was not on the box). Anyway, here I am packaging it up and sending it out to microsoft for error code 73. Because it’s a month out of warranty and not under the “classic RROD extended warranty” I had to pay $100 to get it fixed. Thanks M$!

    • Jakuub says:

      @Nate128: Hey, thanks for playing, now, why don’t you go find every example of a falcon/jasper chipset failing, correlate that data to their sales, and tell me what the *actual failure rate* is, instead of whining about your personal bad luck in getting one that may or may not have had an issue?

      • Raekwon says:

        @Jakuub: Oh noes the Xbox fanboys have been released!!!

      • mac-phisto says:

        @Jakuub: you keep asking for data, so why don’t you provide some yourself. show me some data that falcon & jasper have killed the rrod. show me some evidence that microsoft’s warranty repair numbers have dropped in the past year.

        if you can’t provide it, then your statements are just as anecdotal as the rest.

        • Jakuub says:

          @Raekwon: I’m not the one making accusations about it, am I? I’m saying that the accusations of others are unfounded. Or do we not work on an “Innocent until proven guilty” manner when it comes to irrational claims about a console?

          • Raekwon says:

            @Jakuub: Someone provided their personal experience and you dismissed it immediately. Microsoft purposefully does not release information about these things so how are we supposed to know? I doubt there are companies out there that will buy thousands of each system and run them to see which fail less. The only way we know these things is for people like Nate128 to share their experiences but you go off on him saying he is just whining. I have friends who use your same argument against me that they bought the new chipsets and they don’t fail anymore. 2 of the have since returned theirs for warranty repairs. They are probably just whiners though.

            • Jakuub says:

              @Raekwon: I dismiss individual accounts as they’re irrelevant to the actual numbers. Grats on finally figuring out what I’ve been getting at – WE CAN’T KNOW. We don’t have anything more than anecdotal data, from which, it’s impossible to draw a meaningful conclusion. How then, is everyone screaming about it’s abysmal failure rate? Perception bias, perhaps?

            • BacteriaEP says:


              Well they are not just whiners, however, it has been proven that people who are upset with a product or have had a bad experience with a product are more likely to share their experience than a person who has not had any problems.

              Simply put you can’t take “stories” and take statistical facts out of them. Anecdotal evidence is not and NEVER has been an acceptable form of research.

              Now you say Microsoft purposefully does not release this information, to which you are half-right (they release the info but only when they feel like it) but there are consumers unions and other research groups who are MORE than qualified to run official research-heavy polls to figure out a statistic that can be logically upheld and I have no doubt in my mind that those statistics have been done in the past, and are currently being done now. Why don’t we see the results? I can’t tell you… companies don’t always release their statistics or maybe it was just the fact that news of a more reliable Xbox 360 wasn’t really all that news worthy.

              Again, you want to play up this story about a guy 10 posts up from my own about how his Xbox got Error 74 and yet you completely disregard my own story about having a REFURBED Xbox 360 which I got over a year and a half ago and is still running great. How does that not factor into your equation?

              Oh and before you go claiming I’m a fanboy based on my picture… that’s actually a modded 360 controller made for the Playstation 3, created by Ben Heck, a personal inspiration for my own engineering desires.

          • mac-phisto says:

            @Jakuub: they’re not unfounded accusations though. you’re talking about a console that has a proven track record of unreliability. 1 out of every 3 consoles fails. that’s a fact. & it’s too soon to say that jasper is the fix. the irrational claim here is that the problem is solved – no one can make call accurately at this point in time. wait a year & then we’ll see if jasper was the magic bullet. otherwise, accept facts for facts: the 360 is a great gaming console with a horrible reliability issue.

          • Jeremy82465 says:

            @Jakuub: Since you seem to be all about the info (and shooting down peoples personal experiences for some weird reason) here are two links from other gawker media sites (gizmodo which specializes in techonology) the first from 2007 : [] and the second from early 2008 stating they still have a failure rate of around 10% []

            Look, we get you like xbox, I do too, on my third one as a matter of fact since I enjoy playing their games, but to make it seem like none of this ever happened, or that people cant voice a legit complaint is rediculous. Sure the failure rate is lower now, but its still higher than their market competetitors, and enough to have people still having relatively widespread issues. You arent trying to defend a company like you seem to want to project, you are showing your fanboyism. I think most people expect for any piece of machinery they buy to break at some point, but most of us expected it to be well after the next gen was out, so dont jump down our throats when a company improperly sends out faulty equipment.

            Oh and on a side note, dude chill.

            • Jakuub says:

              @Jeremy82465: I’m actually more annoyed with unsupported claims than people dissing the 360 – if people have actual facts, information to share, cool, if not, why bother commenting?

              I’d encourage you to read BacteriaEP’s post on why I’m shooting down personal experiences. I’ll admit that I’m showing a bias towards defending the 360, but I haven’t done anything except ask people to substantiate their claims. A few have done so, now, thankfully, and I’m more than willing to admit that the failure rate is higher than it should be, according to the data provided.

              • dragonfire81 says:

                @Jakuub: My claim was based on anecdotal evidence and from my experiences working at a games store. I don’t have any hard data.

                But based on the number of defective units/customer inquiries on broken 360s I’ve seen, it seems apparent to me the failure rate on the 360 is well above the PS3 or the Wii and the 360 has been out the longest.

              • Jeremy82465 says:

                @Jakuub: Yeah I will admit I saw your response to GitEmSteveDave and did see that you were more than willing to be understanding if they didnt just throw stuff out there.

                As for people just sharing their personal stories, as much as I can understand the frustration of hearing it over and over again, if there was ever a place for someone to voice their displeasure with a product or service it would have to be consumerist. For me personally it clearly has not been enough of a deterent to make me stop getting them, some games just have to be played. I just look at it like you hired a company called “Piano movers & etc” with the etc being the rest of your stuff. Now the move everything great with no problems, but when lifting your piano to your second story window (now its important to invision this in old tyme black and white cartoon vision mind you) they drop the piano, destroying it. Sure their insurance will cover it and you will get a new one, but you cant help but tell people about your experience when they ask about Piano movers & etc.*

                *The last part of this statement was meant for comedic purposes only and could, under scrutiny not hold up in the slightest. Do not ingest

              • Techguy1138 says:

                @Jakuub: Look MS shot themselves in the foot. People like you have been defending the XBOX360 from the VERY beginning.

                You will never see quantifiable data on this because only MS keeps it, as they have been all along.

                Both Sony and Nintendo have released their failure rates because they are below 3%.

                By misleading consumers for a long time, obscuring the facts on failure rate and having a failure rate that was so high it was estimated to be between 30-60% MS lost the benefit of the doubt.

                You’re defending them like it’s 1997 all over again. Sorry but people are still reporting problems with their systems. Just recently a new issue was packaged under the RROD warranty because it was wide spread.

                It wasn’t MS that said they made a mistake, a mass of people with anecdotal evidence came together and forced their hand.

                Prove that most people who currently have an xbox 360 will not have to send that product in for repair.

                Like I said MS lost the creditability to need the counter claim and has yet to earn it back.

                • verafides says:

                  Wait wait wait. Jakuub wants FACTS. On the INTERNET. On a MESSAGE BOARD.

                  Just wanted to get that straight.

      • trujunglist says:


        The data on failed units? Oh, you mean the data that Microsoft won’t release to the public for obvious reasons? That data, or are you talking about some other data?
        I’ve owned consoles my entire life and followed video games pretty closely during that time, and never has there been a disaster like the 360. Shit, at least 3DOs and Jaguars worked. I still have my launch Genesis, launch Jaguar, launch Nomad, launch N64, and launch PS2, and guess what? None of those ever failed.

  11. orielbean says:

    The only useful xbox feature outside of the console is a friend list indicator telling me who is online and what they are playing so I might join them for a match. Everything else is just awful Web 2.001 garbage follow-on shovelware. I think the new Zune will use it, and I found a vista sidebar that someone made which works pretty good there.

  12. egosub2 says:

    The thing is what has me excited.

  13. unobservant says:

    Now, if they would only bring Netflix to Canada…

  14. cluberti says:

    “Unfortunately, none of the new announcements addressed any sort of remedy for the fact that Xbox 360s constantly break.”

    Is this slashdot, or consumerist? No offense, but while there are still quite a few consoles out there made before the switch to Falcon and Jasper chipsets that may fail, Microsoft *has* addressed the problem with the newer consoles. Also, I have an original Elite (one of the first units) and have had it since it released without it breaking in any way. So, considering everyone else is using their own experience with multiple console failures as evidence that the consoles are still broken, I’ll use mine in the same unfounded way to say there’s no problems with the console at all.

    We’re both wrong, but c’mon editors, leave the bashing of Microsoft to slashdot where it belongs. The last quote had nothing to do with the story, it’s just there to push someone’s agenda or beliefs about Microsoft. Grow up.

    • Waiting4Vizzini says:

      @cluberti: I’ve never had a problem with my 360. Not even a red ring. So like you, I don’t get the sweeping statement.

  15. unobservant says:

    I’m on my third with less than a month left on my three-year extension, and I’ve gotten so much use out of it that I wouldn’t bat an eyelash at having to replace it with an Arcade and a little HD switcheroo.

    Hmmm… perhaps the reason why the 360s are breaking so often is because people are actually PLAYING them?

  16. krztov says:

    yeah im not sure why this jakuub guy is so defensive of microsoft, i have about 15 friends that have a 360, i think about 9 of them are on their 2nd or third consoles at this point, i almost talked myself into getting one after the new chipsets, then one of my friends that recently got it had the red ring and i figured it still hadnt been fixed. the fact of the matter is that if any other device had a massive OVERALL failure rate like this, it shouldve/wouldve been recalled, think about it this way, how pissed would people be if they bought cars to get to and from work and like 1/3 of the time it didnt start and they had to send it for repairs and be without a car for a few weeks.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’ve personally owned all three systems at one point or another. I assure you all three have flaws in games, construct, or the system flat out fails.

    My wii has a wonderful problem where it just won’t power on where you have to unplug it for 15 minutes and try again, usually works in 1-2 tries. This happens at least once a week when in regular use.

    My xbox is an older chipset (jasper or before I know it’s not falcon but unsure which one it is besides that) never had any issues other than the occasion freeze of a game.

    Ps3 flat out died, no error code no anything, returned it they wanted to charge me repair costs (while i was under warrenty) so I sold it on ebay as a broken but ‘fixable’ console. Ps3 also had 10x more freezes on system menus and more than double freezes or hiccups on games themselves. I have never purchased a new one, which makes me sad now that Infamous is out but I’ll live.

    Now that being said I’ve been a nintendo and sony fan for my entire life (got my first nintendo at age 3) and I would still advocate any system including an xbox360. They all have faults, they all have issues. What counts is the company’s backing of their hardware. If they address an issue with a viable way to get a fixed system for free or close to free (shipping costs) it is still in my book a good company and I will be the first to say I will support them.

    Bottem line, be happy with what you have, support GOOD companies so the bad ones get better, and always do your research know how to shop for what you want not whats new.