Will Ferrell Introduces Sunscreen For Men

Okay, maybe it’s not just for men, but you can’t help but feel studly when you look at the labels for these bottles of 30 SPF sunscreen. And yes, it’s real; apparently Ferrell is pulling a Paul Newman and selling Completely Random Products for charity. In this case, the proceeds go to a scholarship fund for cancer survivors.

Consumer Reports didn’t test the Ferrell-faced product line, but they use the announcement as an opportunity to remind everyone to protect yourself outdoors, so we will too:

While we can’t vouch for Will’s products-they weren’t part of our testing-we like the subtext: Don’t forget to use sunscreen-at least 30 SPF-to prevent skin cancer. In our recent survey, two-thirds of respondents said they used sunscreen at least occasionally, and women were more likely than men to use it frequently. Respondents were less likely to use it during non-beach, non-swimming activities such as running, and were more diligent about putting it on their kids than themselves.

Don’t forget to apply 15 to 30 minutes before going out in the sun to allow for absorption, and if you’re swimming or sweating heavily, reapply every 2 hours.

But what really matters, when it comes to skin cancer, is style—and imagine how much you’ll impress the beach hotties in Whale’s Vagina* as you slather on some Will Ferrell lotion.

The sunscreen comes in 6 oz bottles for $11.99 each, which is competitively priced with other products, and contain the following active ingredients: Homosalate @ 8%, Oxybenzone @5%, Octisalate @4%, Avobenzone @ 3%, Octocrylene @ 2.4%. (Oxybenzone and Avobenzone provide UVA protection.) Shipping is $7.00.

*Thanks to Kieran Kelly for reminding me of the original name for San Diego.

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(Photo: Randy Son Of Robert)

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