Southwest To Allow Small Pets In The Cabin For $75

Southwest previously did not allow animals in the cabin unless they were there for medical reasons — but times are tough, so the airline that doesn’t charge for bags is looking for ways to add revenue without “angering customers.”

Starting June 17, you’ll be able to bring Fluffy and Killer for a mere $75 a piece, which is cheaper than the industry standard. Southwest says that they’ll be a maximum of 5 pets per plane, and that they plan on outfitting their terminals with places where animals can “relieve themselves.”

From Newsday:

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly told investors last week that Southwest was looking at new ways to generate generate income without angering customers. In addition to the new pet service, Southwest said it starts to charge a $25, each way, service charge for children aged five through 11 who aren’t traveling with an adult.

Southwest to let small pets fly in cabin for $75 [LA Times]