Looking To Interview Truth-In-Advertising Lawyer

Are you a lawyer with experience and knowledge of truth-in-advertising litigation? Or know someone who is? I’m looking to interview such a person for an article with a deceptive marketing hook. Email me at ben@consumerist.com, subject line, “lawyer.”


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  1. JPropaganda says:

    I never thought I’d see the word “truth” combined in the same sentence as “advertising” and “lawyer.” ZING!

  2. Crazytree says:

    what salary range are we talking about?

  3. I Love New Jersey says:

    Your problem is that lawyers don’t tell the truth.

  4. LadySiren is murdering her kids with HFCS and processed cheese says:

    Ben, sent you an email with a place you might find such a creature. HARO to the rescue!